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How To Squeeze Yoga Into Your Daily Routine

daily yoga exercises

daily yoga exercisesYou don’t need a yoga class to get your daily yoga in, and that’s a good thing. It would be a shame to continue denying your body of some well needed exercise because you simply don’t have the time.

But yoga doesn’t require a lot of space or a lot of time, especially if you break up your yoga workout into manageable pieces. Don’t worry. Dividing your yoga session won’t compromise its efficiency. It’s always better to workout a little here and there than not at all.

Let’s go through some basic poses and discover how to fit them in your busy schedule.

Early Morning


This pose is a great morning “wake me up” for your body because it fully stretches out your spine.

How To: Start on your hands and knees in a neutral pose. Then, arch your spine upward and look down at your thighs. Take a deep breath in. When you exhale, lift your head up and bend your back in the opposite direction. Repeat this four times.

Downward Dog

This is a classic yoga pose that stretches your back, legs and arms. Downward dog will take your morning stretch to a slightly higher level by stretching the other parts of your body.

How To: Start on all fours just like you did with cat-cow. This time, tuck your toes in, raise your bottom and try to bring your heels as close to the ground as possible. Bring your ears between your arms and look down at your thighs. Hold this position for three breaths before coming back down to your hands and knees.


Standing Forward Fold

At this point, you’re probably already in the office and have been sitting down for sometime. You need to stretch your legs and your back. Time to break out the standing forward fold position.

How To: Stand upright and drop your shoulders. Slowly drop forward and try to touch your toes. If you can’t, bend your knees slightly to achieve this. If you don’t feel a stretch in this position, try bending each knee separately. Come up slowly to avoid hurting yourself and make sure to lift your neck and head up last to really get a good stretch.

After Lunch

Seated Forward Fold

This position is great for digestion. Feel free to use it after every meal.

How To: Sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you. Slowly stretch forward, try to touch your toes. If you can’t touch your toes, bend your knees or stretch as far as your body will allow you too. It is important that you do these stretches slowly to avoid hurting yourself.

Hold the pose for three breaths before walking your palms back to an upright position.


Child’s Pose

Finally, end your day off with this relaxing pose that will prepare you for sleep.

How To: Start in the raised position of downward dog. Slowly bring your knees to the ground and to either edge of your matt. Take five deep breaths with your forehead touching the matt.

For visuals regarding these poses and others, visit here.


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