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Meet the Scientist That's Convinced That Cancer Can Be Cured With the Right Diet

diet cure cancer
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diet cure cancerIs chemotherapy really the only cancer treatment? Big Pharma wants you to think so.  The pharmaceutical industry makes trillions of dollars from prescription drugs, particularly those used for ongoing diseases, like cancer. It seems like our bodies have to be attacked, cut open and/or exposed to radiation before we might be rid of our worst chronic illnesses.

What would happen to all that money if people knew of healthier, more affordable ways to prevent and even reverse cancer, starting at the dinner table?

Research from the Cleveland Clinic has already revealed that switching to a whole food, plant-based diet, one free of processed foods, meat, fish, dairy and added oils, can prevent and reverse chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease.

Admittedly, this research is controversial; it challenges government dietary guidelines and contradicts dietary messages from major food companies. T. Colin Campbell, a professor in nutritional biochemistry at Cornel University, is a leading voice for the plant-based diet. He reveals that even physicians are poorly educated on this healthy alternative to cancer curing and is very distrusting celebrity physicians and their unnecessarily expensive dietary recommendations.

You may interject: “Meat is the best way to get your recommended protein! Milk makes our bones stronger!”

These are popular myths, promoted by and for commercial interests. A dairy farmer telling you not to drink milk is like a retailer telling you not to wear cotton! Public policy is designed to push meat and dairy products as “essential,” but there is no nutrient in dairy products or meat products that you can’t find in a plant. As for dairy providing strong bones, research does not support this claim. Contrarily, increasing your dairy consumption is more closely related to increased risk of osteoporosis later in life!

Consumption of animal products triggers disease and risks your health more than anything hereditary or environmentally related. High-protein diets increase cell replication and increase oxygen-free radicals connected to cancer and aging.

It doesn’t seem too far-fetched when you think about. Our bodies rely on what we consume to function, so it only makes sense that what we eat will affect how our bodies function and how healthy our bodies are.

The main point to take from this research is that you have more control over your health than you may think. Proper nutrition can determine if carcinogen (a substance in your tissue,) develops cancer or whether those cancer cells are suppressed. There are many fruits and vegetables packed with cancer fighting properties that won’t put your life at risk.

Are you thinking about giving a whole food, plant-based diet a try?

Specifically, the diet is centered on unrefined or minimally refined plants: fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and legumes. There is no bleached flour, refined sugar or oil. It is specifically designed to give you all the nutrients you need, without the additives.


The Forks Over Knives Diet

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