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7 Different Methods of Cutting Fat And Which Is Right For You

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For centuries, fasting has been used to help improve the spiritual connection of individuals to a

higher power. However, recent study has revealed that fasting could also have many physical

health benefits for practitioners. For example, researchers at the University of South Carolina

have found that fasting for as little as two days could help the body completely reboot its

immune system.

Fasting can also be an excellent way to lose weight, yet with so many variations of fasting how

are you supposed to know which style will work best for your health goals? What follows below

might just give you a better idea of what type of fasting you should be using to achieve your

health and weight loss goals.

Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is an excellent way for an individual to boost their immune system. Juice fasting

can last anywhere from 1 day to two weeks; it is focused on providing an individual with as

much nutrients as possible with as little calories as possible. A juice fast involves consuming

liquids from fruits or vegetables only. No solid foods are eaten during the fasting period.

Water Fasting

Water fasting is one of the most strenuous and exhausting types of fasting, this is because the

body is given no calories for energy production. In addition to this lack of calories the body is

also given very few nutrients.

Time spent in a water fast varies depending on goals and health of the individual. Before

undertaking a water fast individuals should always speak with their doctor.

Medically supervised water fasts have shown success in normalizing blood pressure, notes an

article published in the October 2002 issue of “Journal of Alternative and Complementary


Cleansing Fast

Much like the water fast the cleansing fast should only be implemented after speaking with a

medical professional, as extended periods of time spent on this cleans can leave individuals


The cleansing fast involves individuals consuming water mixed with pure lemon juice, honey (for

calories) and cayenne pepper. This fast usually last from 1 day to two weeks; the purpose of

this type of fast is to help clean out the colane.

Partial Fasting

Partial fasting is a bit more manageable than other types of fasting. Partial fasting works by

excluding some foods such as rice, wheat and meat. Partial fasting restricts the amount of food

consumed to about 1 to 3 meals.

Liquid Protein Fasting

Liquid protein fasting is most commonly used for weight loss in individuals who are obese.

Liquid protein fasting should always be medically supervised.

Diagnostic Fasting

Diagnostic fasting usually only last for about 12 hours. Diagnostic fasting is used for multiple

test, one of the most common test that requires a period of diagnostic fasting is the glucose

tolerance test, which is used for measuring blood glucose levels.

Religious Fast

Religious fasting is mainly focused on improving the spiritual connection between an individual

and a deity. Many religions around the world practice fasting as a means of showing devotion to

their god. These fast can last for weeks at a time.

No matter what type of fasting style you uses always remember to speak with a medical

professional before implementing said fast.

Source: http://www.livestrong.com/article/520268­7­types­of­fasts/


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