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DIY Massage Therapy and Reflexology

diy reflexology
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diy reflexologyIt never fails to amaze me how great it feels to get a massage. My whole body glows for the entire day. There was once a time in my life when I was lucky enough to benefit from health insurance and I took full advantage by booking my massage therapist weekly.

But what’s a girl to do without the luxury of health insurance benefits?

Now that I’m independently employed, I’ve started reaping the benefits of at-home, DIY massage therapy.

Do-it-yourself reflexology massage is easy to learn and can be as effective as professional therapy at relieving pain and stress. Reflex massages can help with a variety of ailments including chronic fatigue, head pain, and even depression.

Although traditional reflexology focuses on the foot, there are hundreds of pressure points all over the body which can benefit from certain forms of touch. Traditional Chinese Medicine views the body as a network of energy channels known as meridians, and if massaged correctly, these meridians can help stimulate healing and promote relaxation.

Here are a few tips on how you can relieve pain, reduce stress and improve your mood with simple DIY reflexology techniques:

Quick Mood Boost

Hormones secreted from the pituitary gland are directly linked to pain relief. One way to balance this endocrine system is via specific pressure points on your hands and feet.

Paying close attention to your thumbs and/or big toe, apply moderate to heavy pressure for 5-10 minutes and you will immediately feel a sense of balanced bliss.

Mental Focus

An underactive or irregular thyroid often causes brain fog or the inability to focus. The reflex which relates to the thyroid gland can be found once again in your big toe and thumbs.

Not only will massaging these pressure points rejuvenate concentration, it can relax your heartbeat and lower  your cholesterol.

Relieve Stress and Tension

It’s no secret that a full body massage can relax tense muscles, but simple reflexology techniques are capable of full body results too. Your nerves are connected through an intricate system of pathways and webbing which can be accessed in your feet and hands.

Rolling your finger over the tips of your big toes can alleviate tension on the spine and consequentially banish headaches and migraines.

Cold and Flu Relief

Believe it or not, you can access your sinuses and throat through your feet. Applying pressure to the side of your big toe and at the base of your foot can stimulate blood flow to your lungs and throat. Thus helping to naturally flush out bacteria and infections.

Foot massages are an especially effective way to minimize the tension of daily life. Your feet contain reflex points which, when stimulated, can assist with the detoxification process your kidneys, liver, bladder, and lungs take care of.

Uric acid buildup in both hands and feet can be instantaneously eliminated with the thorough and repeated massage techniques mentioned above. Although some pressure points can be more sensitive to touch than others, you should not feel pain when practicing reflex massage.


Image Source: Bay Reflexology

DIY Massage Therapy and Reflexology

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