Doctor's Warning: Never Clean your Child With Baby Wipes No Matter What

Doctor's Warning: Never Clean your Child With Baby Wipes No Matter What
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If you are a parent, baby wipes are probably are probably an important staple at your house. You probably use them on a daily basis and carry a bag of wipes with your everywhere you go. After all, it is important to clean those messy hands and faces, not to mention other areas.

Baby wipes play an important role in the life of most families when handling their babies’ and children’s hygienic affairs. They are sold in sealed packages. When used properly and not reused they are a hygienic and safe product. Baby wipes can help you get rid of harmful bacteria and keeping everything clean. Even adults love it as they are handy when tap water is not available right away.

Since they are widely available at stores and commonly used, most parents believe they are absolutely safe and the best choice. They use it without much concern.

Baby Wipes May Not Be Safe: New Research

However, a recent research study has found that there may be some risk associated with baby wipes and similar products on the market.

The findings are surprising since most people simply assume that the commonly used baby wipes are completely safe and there are no risks attached. Turns out it may be a good idea to reconsider their beliefs and possibly look for alternative options.

Dr. Mary Wu Chang, an associate professor at the University of Connecticut has co-authored a study that found that baby wipes may not be safe for use on your baby. The study was published in Pediatrics in 2014.

According to this study, baby wipes can make some children suffer from allergic reactions and develop painful, itchy, and scaly red rashes on their skin. Researchers believe that this painful allergic reaction may be the result of a chemical preservative known as methylisothiazolinone (MI) which is a chemical used in wipes.

The very same chemical has also been blamed for allergic reactions caused by a wide range of other beauty products, which urged Dr. Chang to look further into this, specifically when using baby wipes.

The study examined six unique reactions catching Dr. Chang’s interest. However, one specific case of an eight-year-old girl seemed especially worrisome. The use of baby wipes resulted in a severe rash in both her buttocks and face.

Of course, this is only one research. The study did not test every baby wipe brand nor even close to it. The sample size was rather small with only six cases presented in the research article.

Further research is necessary. The results have alarmed researchers to carry out further studies on the effects of MI and other baby wipe ingredients.

Should You Use Baby Wipes At All?

The paper did not say that baby wipes should be avoided under all circumstance or by everyone. Baby wipes are commonly used and do not result in severe reactions in most children as demonstrated by the six cases presented in the study.

However, baby wipes still include MIs and other chemicals that may enter your child’s body through their skin. It may be a safer bet to stay away from baby wipes and other products made with chemicals when it comes to your baby (and even your own health!). They can be a handy tool when traveling, but there is no reason to use them frequently during your everyday life.

Safer Alternatives To Baby Wipes

To minimize your exposure to these and other chemicals at home, it is the best to stick with chemical-free alternatives. Safe alternatives include:

  • Water
  • Wet cloths and towels
  • Wet paper towels
  • Gentle, organic and natural cleansers

Do you use baby wipes? Do you have other, more natural recommendations for alternative solutions? Share your answers in the comments section, we would love to hear from you.

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