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How to Enjoy Sardines' Health Benefits Without Exposing Yourself to Harmful Contaminants

How to Enjoy Sardines' Health Benefits Without Exposing Yourself to Harmful Contaminants
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Two brands of canned sardines from China have been recalled after being found to be contaminated with dead worms. These products have been exported and sold in a number of international countries. Please double check the source of your canned fish! 

The Malaysian Health Ministry made the unsavory discovery after following up on leads from social media that suggested the cans were tainted with nematodes, a type of worm.  Upon inspection, the canned sardines did not comply with the Food Act 1983.

The two brands named in the recall are TL Tan Lung, and TLC (1). 

In related news, the Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency had instructed three importers to recall the canned sardines after dead worms were found in them earlier this month (7).

The three importers tagged by the Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency are Farmerjack, IO and Hokki (6).

The Ministry will continue to monitor canned sardines and mackerels that are imported at all the entry points and supermarkets nationwide. 

In Spite of This, You Can Still Eat Sardines

Benefits of sardines-cooked sardines on dinner plate with lemon and salad

Despite this latest recall, rest assured it is still okay to enjoy sardines.  The onus is on finding a reliable retailer, and source of the sardines. 

Not only is it safe to continue eating sardines, consumption is encouraged, as there are a number of health benefits of sardines.  Sardines are an excellent source of essential omega 3 fatty acids and are loaded with nutrients. 

Because sardines are packed with immense goodness, they offer a host of benefits.

The following video details health benefits of eating sardines.

Top 6 Health Benefits Of Sardines

Healthy Heart Promotion

Sardines contain omega 3 fatty acids that are crucial to heart health.  These good fats lower harmful triglycerides, raise protective HDL (good cholesterol), reduce potentially fatal heart arrhythmias, and fight inflammation (3).

Bone Health

Sardines are a good source of vitamin D, which can be difficult to find in food sources.  Vitamin D helps increase the absorption of calcium, an essential mineral for strong healthy bones.  Sardines are also a source of phosphorus, a mineral that aids in strengthening bones (4). 

Control Blood Sugar Levels

Sardines are a great source of fat and protein to slow absorption of blood sugars.  Sardines also help protect your cardiovascular system, which can be prone to damage in people with diabetes (5).

Low On The Food Chain = Low Contamination

Sardines definitely make the short list of safest fish to eat.  Sardines have a low stature on the aquatic food chain, feed solely on plankton and have a relatively short lifespan.  As a result, they have a low level of bioaccumulation and are less likely to contain mercury and other contaminants (7).

Skin Care

Essential fats found in sardines are essential at the cellular level in fostering healthy skin cells.  Sardines can also reduce skin inflammation, and help give your skin a nice glow.

Brain Function

Omega-3 fatty acids are composed of EPA and DHA, both essential building blocks for healthy cell membranes.  Well-functioning cell membranes are crucial in supporting a healthy memory, healthy cognition and emotional well-being (8).  Not to mention that EPA and DHA support every other living cell in the human body.

Benefits of sardines-Infographic displaying top 6 benefits of sardines-2 grey sardines in the middle

They Do A Lot Of Good

We’ve talked plenty about omega 3 fatty acids, but the nutrients don’t stop there.  Sardines are rich in a host of nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin B3 and minerals such as selenium, calcium, potassium and magnesium, among others.  The high assortment of vitamins and minerals enable sardines to be a multidimensional player in good overall health. 

Add it all up and sardines are quite the superfood, and you don’t just throw around a word like superfood.  










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