Dream Tiny House With Greenhouse

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There’s something truly irresistible about tiny homes.

It’s a curious pull that tends to make everyone and their uncle interested in owning a little house. Now, I’m not talking about beaten up trailers on the side of the road, but rather quaint little cottages or houses elegantly decorated in such unique ways as to invoke a cozy atmosphere.

There is an attractive, modern little home just like this constructed by Olive Nest Tiny Homes that has been adorably nicknamed “The Elsa.” This little house even has a greenhouse on the side! (1)

What’s With The Tiny House Craze?

While most people tend to live with the mentality that “bigger is better,” working long, hard hours to make enough money to cover the biggest home on the block with additions and remodeling, there seems to be an interesting movement to accomplish the opposite. If you’re anything like me (or the thousands of other people that watch HGTV), then you probably have a slight fascination with the explosive movement of tiny houses that seems to have blasted into the world. You’ve likely seen countless scenarios on TV or articles about young couples or single individuals downsizing their huge (or even perfectly average-sized) home to go live in an eco-friendly home in a cool location. The catch? These homes are normally built with less than 400 square feet of livable space. (2)

Eco-friendliness, minimalism, and an effective use of space and belongings tends to be the motto for people adopting this lifestyle. Every tiny house tends to include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and sitting area, all carefully pieced together like puzzle pieces within a small square footage area. The different designs, structures, decorations, and more make each of these fascinatingly tiny homes unique and attractive. While this type of “cramped” or “minimalistic” lifestyle by no means allures everyone, it’s certainly gained its fair share of attention and participants! (1, 2)


The Tiny House With A Side Greenhouse

The Elsa, the tiny house with a greenhouse on the side, is just as small as many of its kind. The greenhouse on the side, however, is perhaps what makes The Elsa so incredibly adorable and sets it apart from any others! While it’s at its destination, this particular tiny house has a separate trailer that connects behind it, on which a greenhouse is mounted in order to create a two-trailer tiny house linked into one. With a home interior of 323 square feet, this miniature little space has been designed to near perfection. (1)

The house includes a full-sized living area, styled and comfortable, as well as a kitchen area with a sink, oven, stove-top, cupboard space, and bench area for sitting and eating meals. There is a bathroom equipped with its own sink, as well as a loft where a full-sized bed fits for sleeping. It also features a mini-split unit that serves to both heat and cool the tiny home. The greenhouse on the side is the frosting on top! (1)

Dream Tiny House With Greenhouse

© Olive Nest Tiny Homes 

Dream Tiny House With Greenhouse

Dream Tiny House With Greenhouse


Not everyone is cut out for tiny home living. Even people who adopt this lifestyle often have difficulty finding space for everything they have, leading them to throw a lot away, have a lot of yard sales, or find a place to store all of their belongings that don’t fit. While they are quaint and adorable, be sure to think twice before adopting this particular lifestyle, just to make sure it’s right for you!


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