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Drink Water On An Empty Stomach When You Wake Up In The Morning

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We all know that drinking water is important. You’ve heard it from your mom, your grandma, or your coach. Even your dog knows to stay hydrated. What you probably haven’t heard is that there’s actually a time of day to drink water that will benefit you more than at any other time. 

That’s right! Mornings are the best time for a large glass of water. Drinking water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning has incredible benefits that you don’t want to pass up. 

Why Mornings Are Prime Water Time

Natural Breath Mint

As bright and fresh as mornings can be, they always come with just a hint of morning breath. Studies show that drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning can help reduce the odor! (1) 

Digestion Assistance

Most people don’t think to drink water until sitting at the table for a meal. Although there are benefits to drinking water in between bites, it does have its down sides. Water can dilute the digestive juices which can hinder digestion. Drinking water on an empty stomach is the best way to avoid this problem and give your digestive system the extra boost it needs to function properly. (2)


Along the same lines of digestion, a warm glass of water in the morning is a great remedy for constipation. Getting water back into your system first thing is the best way to help your body digest and get rid of any food or waste still left in your system. (3) 

Physical Performance

Drinking water first thing in the morning can really help your physical performance, especially if you like to get in an early workout. Even if your physical activity is mild throughout the day, it is absolutely essential that your body gets the water it needs in order to perform correctly. Studies show that thirst actually isn’t the best indicator of when to drink water. If you’re thirsty, that usually means that you’re already dehydrated! Getting in the habit of drinking water in the morning, even if you don’t feel thirsty at first, is a great way to train yourself to hydrate your body at all hours of the day. (4)

Weight Loss

Drinking water on an empty stomach is a great way to trick your body into thinking that its full, which can really go a long way when trying to lose weight! Most of the time when your body craves something, what your body is really trying to tell you is that you’re dehydrated! Making sure to drink water first thing in the morning and throughout the day can really help curb your appetite. (5)

Healthier Skin 

Drinking water in the mornings is an excellent and natural skin routine. Dehydration generally leads to dry and itchy skin, as well as a weakened skin barrier. Water can improve plumpness, elasticity, and resiliency, as well as flush toxins from the skin. Instead of reaching for moisturizer, lotion, and cover-up, reach for a glass of water for a smoother, brighter complexion. (4)

Water Is Life

Drinking a glass of water in the morning is more than beneficial, it’s survival. With 75% of your body made up of water, you can imagine how badly you need some H2O after 8 hours of slow dehydration in your sleep. Yikes! (4)

So keep that water bottle handy at your bedside and start your day off right with a refreshing drink. Morning water. Who knew it could work wonders?  



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