Why Should You Eat More Potassium Rich Foods?

Why Should You Eat More Potassium Rich Foods?
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There are a number of foods out there that carry particular benefits – some of which can help improve and maintain your overall health in different ways. To be specific, potassium rich foods are some of the best options to bring into your diet, but do you know why?

Research is showing that a diet rich in potassium can help lower the risk of strokes and an early death in post-menopausal women. By measuring the specific effects of potassium on post-menopausal health, the researchers found that women who bring less potassium-rich food sources into their diets tend to die earlier or have a higher prevalence of stroke.

One particular study kept track of 90,000 different women (aged 50-79) and their health over about 11 years. The diet measurements involved potassium intake from food sources as opposed to anything supplementary. The patients were also checked to make sure that they had no history of strokes or hemorrhages, which minimizes the risk of flawed results throwing off anything conclusive in the study.

In a nutshell, what they found supported the idea that potassium-rich diets really can prevent the occurrence of a stroke or early death!

The results of this study offer another reason for post-menopausal women to eat more healthily, upping the increase of fruits and vegetables that contain more potassium.

How significant were the specific results of the study?

Women who ate more potassium were found to be 12-16% less likely to develop strokes in later years, and about 10% less at risk of dying at earlier ages. The effects even persisted for women who suffered from high blood pressure, where the risk of stroke was already heightened.

Which Foods Are Right for You if You Want More Potassium?

There are actually thousands of different foods out there that can fill you up with a healthy supply of potassium, but some are better and more commonly available than others. If you want to add some potassium to your diet, do your best to get your hands on these:

  • White beans
  • Avocado
  • Spinach
  • Bananas
  • Acorn Squash
  • Apricots

Make sure you especially pay attention to the white beans. One cup of them offer about 700mg of potassium, which make them particularly useful in lowering high blood pressure and preventing arterial damage.

These are benefits that you just don’t get from junk food. When it comes to the majority of processed brands that you pull off of grocery store shelves, they don’t offer the sufficient amount of potassium that you need maintained in your diet.

While increasing your supply of potassium does bring with it: a lowered blood pressure, lowered risk of stroke, and a reduced chance for an early death, keep in mind that it may not be a healthy option for you. By bringing in too much potassium, you may actually be putting your heart health at risk. Always consult a doctor before making any serious changes to your diet, especially if you’re in the at-risk age group of post-menopausal women.





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