The Essential Oil Trick That Can Clean The Air In Your Home Better Than Any Diffuser.

essential oils nebulizer

essential oils nebulizerEssential oils give you plenty of health benefits such as stress relief, a boosted immune system, and increased concentration to name a few. But are you making the best use of them? Many of us use diffusers for our essential oils, but a nebulizer is just what you need to get the most out of them!

Diffusers vs. Nebulizers



Diffusers come in a couple of variations, but the most common one is an ultrasonic diffuser. The way it works is you place the oil in the water at the base of the machine. Through heat and ultrasonic vibrations, it agitates the water causing it to turn into a fine mist which releases into the air. The combination of water and oil adds a bit of moisture to the air and doubles as a humidifier.


A nebulizer, on the other hand, doesn’t need water or heat to work. It uses an atomizer of compressed air to turn the oil directly into a mist. This makes it much more potent than a diffuser as it doesn’t modify the chemical composition of the oils. Not using water also means it releases no moisture into the air so that it won’t humidify it.

Hospitals use a different type of nebulizer in the form of masks or mouthpieces and are helpful for those with asthma. Both of these help to eliminate odors in the air, purify the air, and increase relaxation among other things. But a nebulizer is your best choice as it will give you the purest form of the essential oils without any additives.

What To Look For

You can buy a nebulizer at most household accessory stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and also online through websites like Amazon or eBay. Here are some tips for what you should look for when buying one.

  • Power saving not to waste oil
  • Quick air saturation
  • Easy to clean
  • Portability (lithium-ion battery operated for longer use between charges)
  • Area of coverage
  • Timer so it releases the mist intermittently
  • Cold diffusion as it keeps more of the therapeutic benefits than heat

Use those essential oils to their full potential and trade in your diffuser for a nebulizer. You won’t regret the difference it makes!


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