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5 Essentials Oils You Had No Idea Could Help Beat The Effects Of Adrenal Fatigue

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Are you feeling chronically tired, unable to focus, experiencing joint pain, craving sugars and salts?  If these symptoms have persisted for weeks, you may well be suffering Adrenal Fatigue. 

So What Is Adrenal Fatigue?

The adrenals are walnut-sized glands that sit atop the kidneys and produce hormones that regulate dozens of the body’s functions from metabolism to blood sugar levels, how you burn protein and fat to modulating reactions to stress. In today’s high-paced lifestyles, stress is ever present which causes a constant release of adrenaline by the adrenals activating the fight or flight response. 

Heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, all the energies are pumped into your muscles so that you have the power to fight the predator or have the strength to run away.  When this occurs, non-essential functions are shut down such as digestion and the immune system. This built-in-biological response to danger is intended for short bursts of time after which you enter the relaxation response, and the body returns to homeostasis or a healthy balance.

However, when you live in a chronic, non-stop pattern of this stress response cycle, the adrenals are overtaxed, and other natural functions are severely compromised.  That’s when you experience symptoms of exhaustion, insomnia, low sex drive, inability to lose weight, easily catch a cold or the flu, and you may also suffer depression.

How Essential Oils Can Reduce Adrenal Fatigue

The road to recovery should be strategically focused on reducing stress, anxiety, fear and improving nutrition and lifestyle habits.  One of the lifestyle habits that’s among the easiest to incorporate—and which almost instantaneously reduces stress–is the use of essential oils.  The right scents can stimulate the relaxation response which quiets your autonomic nervous system and can serve as a most powerful weapon against Adrenal Fatigue.

Here’s How Essential Oils Work

Smells pass into the nose reaching the olfactory bulb full of smell receptors which run along the bottom of the brain. These have a direct link to two areas of the brain: the amygdala which is our control center of stress or fear and the hippocampus which stores memories and emotions. 

A smell actually triggers physical changes in the body as these oils penetrate the blood-brain barrier causing the brain to release hormones that adapt to the signals being received. So calming smells can launch a chemical response that actually causes the body to quiet down and function in a slower, more balanced, natural state, thereby reducing reactions of anxiety and stress.

There are a variety of ways to use essential oils.  Here are the 4 basic options:

  1. Inhale: Use 1 to 3 drops of essential oil on a tissue or cotton ball and take a deep inhalation of the scent.  Repeat two or three times.
  2. Bathe:  Put 4 to 8 drops of essential oil along with a cup of Epsom salt into a tub filled with warm water. Submerge yourself in the detoxifying and uplifting bath for about 15 to 20 minutes.  If you prefer showers, soak a washcloth with a few drops of essential oil and run hot water through the washcloth, then inhale the fragrant steam.
  3. Massage:  Mix 6 to 12 drops of essential oil in an unscented lotion or oil (like jojoba, coconut or sesame oil). This creates a moisturizing rub that can be applied to your temples, solar plexus (just below your tummy) or massage the feet, hands, lower back, neck, and shoulders regularly.
  4. Diffuser: This is another method to distribute essential oils into your home environment. It works by distributing essential oil molecules through the air, so you naturally inhale the oils. 

5 Of The Best Essential Oils For Adrenal Fatigue?

lavender oil

Known as aromatherapy used in ancient civilizations and now recognized as an alternative medicine, naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants have been shown to balance, harmonize and promote health.  The best ones to use to reverse effects of adrenal burnout are the following:

1. Lavender

One of the most well-known and most versatile of all the essential oils, Lavender comes from the mint family and is documented for its antiviral, antibacterial and relaxing properties. Lavender has been shown to have similar biochemical effects on mind and body as anti-anxiety medications. [1] 

As a result of its benefits, Lavender has become so popular; you can now find lavender-infused bed pillows, sachets and sleep masks.  This essential oil can also be beneficial to enhance focus and memory and positively affect nausea, pain, and appetite. [1] 

2. Rose

Another highly popular aroma, the rose is uplifting and transformational.  It takes thousands of rose petals to create one ounce of rose essential oil so it can be expensive.  Nevertheless, the immediate impact is nirvana-like as a rose has properties as an antidepressant, antiviral, antiseptic, and as an aphrodisiac. It fights depression and boosts confidence. Plus it acts as a nerve tonic, quieting the system and restoring balance. [2] 

3. Frankincense

Used for thousands of years—and even mentioned in the Bible—Frankinsense has many medicinal uses, among them the ability to act as a sedative. It has a unique, comforting aroma and may be used for anxiety, anger, and stress. Added benefits include calming respiratory conditions and repairing skin problems. It is also said to enhance introspection and insight. [3] 

4. Lemon Balm

Derived from a perennial herb from the mint family, lemon balm has a mild lemon aroma. It is extremely effective in reducing anxiety and stress. Almost all citrus oils (including orange) have properties that help lift your spirits and can also be helpful with depression. [4] 

5. Geranium

Known to reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, Geranium is balancing and uplifting for regulating moods and hormones. It improves the immune system by minimizing inflammation and increasing circulation. With its strong rose fragrance, it’s particularly used by women. [5] 

Be sure to research carefully the selection of essential oils for quality. Find a trusted aromatherapist.  Check labels which should be marked 100% pure essential oil rather than being mixed with something else or being synthetically produced. If you can, take a sniff and notice how you respond.  Is your experience pleasant and relaxing?  Also, most pure essential oils are packaged in brown bottles to prolong their effectiveness so notice the bottle colors. [5] 

Who would’ve thought that your nose could actually be the path to improving your health, right? The calming effects of essential oils are instantaneous; however, the full impact may take a little practice before you can rely on their results. It’s important to use daily for from 7 to 21 days for sustainable changes. [5] 

With Adrenal Fatigue, you would be well served to make the use of essential oils part of your everyday self-care; a regular habit like brushing your teeth both morning and evening. In this way, you will continue to restore and maintain good health and vitality. [5] 

Here are a few more remedies for adrenal fatigue:

 This amazing article was written by Peggy Seaflon,  a personal development coach, speaker, and author of the best-selling book Escape from Anxiety—Supercharge Your Life with Powerful Strategies from A to Z. We encourage you to check out her website here and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!


If you've been suffering from sugar cravings, joint pain, and fatigue for an extended period of time, start using these essential oils to reverse the effects of adrenal fatigue!

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