What Every Empath Will Try And Hide From You

What Every Empath Will Try And Hide From You
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What are the first couple of words that come to mind when you think of negative personality traits? Is it narcissistic, pessimist or sociopathic? If it is then you are on the right track. However, don’t forget to add Empath to the list. Allow me to explain why…

What is an Empath?

What Every Empath Will Try And Hide From You

Dr. Judith Orloff, author of the book “The Empath’s Survival Guide,” defines it as “an emotional sponge. Empaths absorb the emotions, physical symptoms, and energy of others into their own bodies.” In other words, they are very sensitive people who put others before themselves to the extent that they end up getting affected mentally and physically health wise.

Your initial reaction in reading the definition might be that it is a really good trait to have so why is it being compared to more negative traits like narcissism, pessimism, and sociopathy?

Being an empath can actually be quite a burden for many people, despite the good qualities that it brings. The average person would understand when it is appropriate to show empathy and when it can be dangerous to do so. An Empath on the other hand, has a difficult time understanding when to let go and when to not. It can take a lot out of you!

10 Interesting and Unique Personality Traits of Empaths

In case you are curious to know how to identify an Empath  or find out who among your family and friends falls under this category, here are the top 10 traits to look out for :

Knowing what needs to be done without being told so

People who have empath type personalities are very intuitive to those around them. They understand what needs to be done even before the other person can get a single word in. They read the social cues and in response, perform the appropriate task. They are usually very accurate in their abilities.

Socially Anxious

Empaths can’t handle big crowds or other socially overwhelming situations. They are introverts who prefer more peaceful settings such as one-to-one interaction or small groups of 2-3 people.

Trouble differentiating between own and other people’s feelings

Empaths get so caught up in the problems of other people that they end up feeling like they themselves are suffering from the problem or issue in question. This can create some physical and emotional turmoil for them.

Need for closure

Empaths have this habit of constantly needing to know everything, even when there is no definitive answer or conclusion. If something is left out or is determined inconclusive, they work endlessly until they find some suitable answers.

Trouble dealing with lies

Empaths are an open book. They are very truthful about who they are and expect the same from others. When others do not abide by this rule, it can affect them deeply.

Good listening skills

Empaths are good communicators because they like to listen to other peoples’ stories, instead of talking about themselves.

Feel restraint from rules

Empaths tend to be free thinkers and when rules, situations or circumstances prevent them from doing so, it affects their ability to act normally.

 Levitate towards alone time

After giving so much of themselves to other people, Empaths like to rejuvenate afterward by spending some time alone with themselves.

Feel Extreme exhaustion

Expanding upon the previous points, Empaths find themselves feeling completely fatigued after giving themselves mentally to others.

Creative personalities

Empaths tend to be from the creative side whether it is through activities like singing, acting, dancing, writing and painting.

What Every Empath Will Try And Hide From You

Much like narcissism, pessimism, and sociopathy, more attention needs to be given to Empaths so that the next time you identify one, you know how to act and modify your behavior accordingly.

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