Every Empath Will Try to Hide These Important Things From You

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Remember To Reach Out To Your Empath Friends

There are a lot of different types of people in the world. We have big people and small people. There are also happy people along with sad people, and we even have mean people and nice people. We have all sorts of labels for different types of people. For example, a person who is known as a psychopath is listed as someone whose behavior, “Manifests as amoral and antisocial. They lack the ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.” Sounds like an interesting person, right? They would probably make for a good character in a novel or movie. But they might not be the most pleasant to be around in real life.

What would the opposite of a psychopath be? Many would categorize the opposite of a psychopath with a newer term, Empath. Empaths are people who are abnormally sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. They can sympathize and understand the state of being of their loved ones and are able to detect how others feel. Empaths are known to even absorb and share the emotional state of those who are close to them.  Sounds amazing!

Because of their strong caring nature, empaths can make ideal friends and are known to be with you no matter what you’re going through.

Empaths sound like wonderful people. They strive to be just that, even if they don’t know it. But being an empath is not as fun or easy as it sounds. Empaths often struggle to express and take care of themselves. They spend so much of their time worrying about others that they can neglect their own wellbeing.

If you have a friend or family member who is an empath, remember to check in frequently with them to see how they are doing. Chances are high that they won’t come to you when they are feeling down. We all need a good friend, and empaths need them especially since they feel emotions so intensely. If an empath is in a good mood, they’ll feel ecstatic. But if they’re going down, they can spiral into a desperate and dangerous depression.

Empaths can go so far as to hide their actual feelings to try and prevent their friends and loved ones from worrying about them. There can be numerous reasons for an empath to hide their feelings. Perhaps they are afraid of people walking out of their lives when they are unable to smile, or maybe they are afraid that people will get mad at them for expressing themselves. In reality, usually, they just don’t want to be a burden to others.

Empaths are notorious for drawing in manipulative people. This is because empaths can be quite forgiving and people tend to take advantage of this fact. An empath can have trust issues if the people they are hanging out with manipulate and abuse them. Remember that empaths feel emotions more intensely than a regular person and that this abuse can make it difficult for them to express themselves in a healthy way.

It can be difficult to tell if an empath is struggling because they are quite good at hiding their feelings. But trust that if an empath ever approaches you to let you know that they are struggling, that it means that they truly trust you with their problems and are reaching out to you because they care about you and need help.

Remember that your empath friends want what’s best for you because they can feel what you feel. Just be sure to return the favor and reach out to them. They might need the good gesture than most and you might just make their day.


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