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Scientists Determine Exact Number of Nuts to Eat For Good Heart

walnut health benefits
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walnut health benefitsSome claim that walnuts are the healthiest food on earth. And when you learn about all of the walnut health benefits, it’s not really surprising that people swear by this tiny nut’s miracle abilities.

Walnuts have two times more antioxidant polyphenols than any other nut product. The University of Pensylvania has proved that these antioxidants help fight cell damaging free radicals that cause disease.

More Tree Nuts Please

In fact, nuts in general are beneficial, from almonds to pistachios, and there are many reasons why we should eat more tree nuts. The Independent conducted a study that found most people don’t eat enough nuts.

Only 5.5% of adults aged 19-50 in the US reported to consuming any kind of tree nut, let alone the superfood walnut! That leaves out 94.5% of with no consumption of nuts at all. What are we doing?

Joe Vinson, head of research at the Independent study, states their “recommendation is that people should eat seven walnuts a day.”

What Seven Walnuts a Day Can Do

Studies have shown that those who eat only seven walnuts a day consume 3.7 milligrams more of vitamin E, 5 grams more of fiber, 73 milligrams more calcium, 95 more milligrams of magnesium, 157 milligrams less sodium, and 260 milligrams more of potassium.

Those are some high rising numbers!

Not to mention, eating walnuts had been proven to reduce signs of aging and protect against heart disease.

Walnut Health Benefits

  • Cardiovascular Health

Walnuts have a great amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which promotes healthy blood composition and flexibility in our blood vessel walls. This helps prevent cardiovascular diseases like heart disease and stroke.

  • Reduce Metabolic Syndrome

Problems in metabolic syndrome include high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels, and obesity. Walnuts help reduce the risk of any of these and have also been shown to reduce the fat in the abdominal area.

  • Treats Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes isn’t all just about lowering your blood sugar; a good diet for anyone with type 2 diabetes should also look at lowering the other risks associated with diabetes such as cardiovascular problems.

Studies have shown that those with type 2 diabetes who eat walnuts have lower LDL cholesterol leading to better blood fat composition.

  • Anti-Cancer

Two types of risks present the greatest threat for cancer development: chronic oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

The great antioxidant property in walnuts lowers the risk of chronic oxidative stress, and their anti-inflammatory qualities lower risk of chronic inflammation. Making these tree nuts the best cancer prevention tool out there.

How to Get More Walnuts in Your Diet

There are many great recipes to help add walnuts into your everyday life.

The easiest way is to crush raw walnuts into plain yogurt or over a salad. You can also add walnuts to stuffed poultry for a little crunch or puree them for a fun dip.

Making homemade granola bars with walnuts is super easy and I bet you can pack your seven-a-day into one bar!


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