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5 easy exercises you had no idea could burn fat as effectively as running

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exercises not runningEditor’s Note: While running is a very common form of cardiovascular exercise, it comes with its own risks. Certain body types are at risk of injury if they try to run for a prolonged period of time. Chris Troyanos, a certified athletic trainer states, “People who are excessive pronators have the inside part of their feet drop inward more than it should when they’re running.

That causes stress on the feet and knees, so their bodies are naturally not great shock absorbers. People who have hyperextending knees — technically the term is genu recurvatum — are also going to have trouble running. Those who have some of these issues can run, but they may not be able to run more than a mile or two.”

Whenever starting a new exercise regimen, it’s always best to consult your doctor and build your plan around your current level of fitness, and build up to your plan. Being healthy is important, but staying healthy while exercising is also important!

Healthy Lifestyle

Health professionals often preach about the importance of regular physical activities. It is the cornerstone towards achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle. As more people jump on the bandwagon to get in shape, physical trainers have sensed the opportunity to build their reputation and gain our trust. 

The easiest way to achieve this objective is by offering customized workout routines that guarantee effective results. Although there are plenty of unique fitness schedules to choose from, a particular group of people gets left behind.

The common denominator between each formulated workout lies in its target audience. Most fitness experts would warn that their fitness schedules are not suitable for people who are physically weaker than the general population. This is because the exercises included requires moderate amount of intensity and energy which could potentially lead to injury for people who are more vulnerable. 

If you belong to this group of people, you would have been frustrated by the lack of help from the experts and might become disillusioned with the notion of getting in shape. Fortunately, help is on the way for you.

5 Exercises Better Than Running

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It might not sound plausible to achieve an effective workout with low impact exercises. Most people believe that the higher the intensity of a workout, the more visible and faster the results present themselves. Thankfully, scientific evidence has shown that while that theory holds some truth, it should not discredit the effectiveness of low impact workouts.

To help you get an idea of the types of exercises that fall under this category, listed below are 5 examples that you can easily incorporate into your daily lifestyle to clock in some hours of physical activities.

1. Walking

This form of exercise is the definition of a low impact exercise. Without the need to make any special adjustments, it is already a fundamental part of our lives. Other than the ease of implementation, walking also does not require a great deal of investment. Armed with a suitable pair of running shoes and you on your way towards better health.

Not surprisingly, it has been reported that walking activities are the most popular form of exercise among Americans, with 62% of the population incorporating it into their daily routines. It is also listed as one of the most efficient exercises to fulfill the required 150 minutes of physical activities in a week.

It is understandable if you are skeptical towards the health benefits of walking, given that it is a daily event, but yet not everyone is fit and healthy. As a report in 2005 points out, walking at least 8 blocks per week not only improves health conditions. It also helps to reduce the prevalence of depression symptoms, increase energy levels and prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases to a certain degree.

2. Squats

If you prefer static exercises, you cannot go wrong with squats. Similar to walking, this exercise can be easily incorporated into your daily schedule and does not need any substantial investment.

If you are doing it at home, you do not even need a pair of running shoes. Squats are greatly beneficial to the leg muscles, and many health professionals recommend it for people who are recovering from injuries. 

As it only focuses on your body weight, it does not place unnecessary stress on the joints and muscles. Another attractive incentive of squats is that it can be carried out anywhere. You can even start doing squats while watching the latest drama series, killing two birds with one stone.

3. Yoga


This is arguably the latest craze within the health and fitness industry right now. The reintroduction of yoga has seen its following increase exponentially with many fitness centers offering classes to help satisfy the demand.

Other than being a great alternative to low impact exercises, it is also beneficial towards easing mental stress and physical exhaustion. Moreover, different yoga poses have the ability to treat various conditions such as back pain and a strained neck.

4. Cycling

This option holds a distinct advantage over the previous suggestions. Cycling can be carried out whether you are indoors or outdoors. Due to the range of motion of cycling exercises, it helps to train and tone almost every part of the body, with the specific focus on the lower limbs.

It is also one of the best low-impact cardiovascular exercises. As you progress along your physical workouts, you can add variation by cycling at intervals with different intensities.

5. Swimming

All forms of water activities guarantee a certain degree of joy and enjoyment. If also allows you the opportunity to soak in the sunshine and breathe in the natural fresh air. More notably, the Arthritis Foundation explicitly recommends swimming exercises for people who suffer from severe joint pain as the water buoyancy restricts the impact on the joints.

Water also provides a challenging level of resistance and helps to burn more calories in the long run. Other health benefits of swimming include better heart health, increased range of motion and a better sense of balance.


There is a significant lack of coverage for low impact exercises. This neglected section of the health and fitness industry means that people who are physically weaker are unable to rely on any expert guidance to help them get in shape. 

To address this issue and help this group of people gets started on their journey towards a healthier life, listed above are 5 forms of low-impact exercises that can be easily carried out without the threat of further injuries. With the right amount of dedication and effort, these exercises can be equally as effective as any other workout routines.



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