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The Pearl Powder Face Mask Chinese Women Use To Keep Their Skin Looking Flawless

The Pearl Powder Face Mask Chinese Women Use To Keep Their Skin Looking Flawless
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Crushed pearls have been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years, but it is only in the past few years that their health benefits have become common knowledge in the West. They have been proven to improve digestive health and have strong anti-aging properties on your skin.

The impact that pearl powder can have on your overall health is significant, yet it remains a comparative secret. This article looks at the production, the benefits and the application of crush pearls.

Health Benefits of Crushed Pearls

Before you pick up a hammer and start raiding your jewellery box in an attempt to take years off your skin, just slow down. Crushed pearls are made from either fresh or saltwater pearls that are below the jewellery grade.

Once these pearls have been collected and classified, they are sterilized in boiling water, before being milled into a fine powder using stainless steel or small porcelain balls. This fine powder is either sold as it is or mixed into creams before being sold. No hammers necessary!

Whether you buy the pearls in powder or cream form is entirely dependent on personal preference; however, the powder is a purer substance. Research from two different scientific studies has found two separate benefits of consuming crushed pearls.

Calcium Absorption

An experiment conducted on rats in 2008 showed that crushed pearls had a significant effect on calcium absorption in the body. The team from the at Nanjing Agricultural University, China, fed the rodents their standard diet with an additional crushed pearl supplement.

The absorption of calcium is critical for bone health and development, as well as reportedly helping the body fight off cancer cell growth. The study showed that the addition of crushed pearls into your diet could assist with the breakdown of nutrients in your digestive system.

Healthy Skin

Pearl powder has been proven to hydrate and protect the skin against toxins. The Chinese Department of Cosmetics tested the effects on 16 healthy women and found that ‘pearl powder has fine moisturizing efficiency for human skin. It can improve not only the barrier action for the moisturization of the skin but also the hydration of the skin,’ according to the official report.

Hydrating the skin is crucial if you are to fight off the signs of aging, as it ensures that the surface layer remains plump and resilient to infection, disease and weather conditions, all of which can damage your skin over time. Maybe it’s time to update your face mask?

How to Consume Pearl Powder

As a Supplement

Pearl powder should never be consumed without diluting it in food or water first. Instead, try one or more of the following each day to boost your health:

  • Mix a ¼ of a  teaspoon of pearl powder with a drink – water, tea, orange juice etc.
  • Put a ¼  of a teaspoon into yoghurt
  • Put a teaspoon into a rice dish

As a Face Mask

The most popular use of pearl powder is in recipes for face masks where the benefits can be applied immediately to the skin. This recipe will leave your face feeling fresher and younger:

Hydrating Pearl Powder Face Mask Mask


  • 1 egg white
  • 2 teaspoons of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of pure apple juice
  • 1 teaspoon of pure Pearl Powder


  1. Add one egg white, two teaspoons of olive oil, one teaspoon of pure apple juice and one teaspoon of pure Pearl Powder in bowl and mix.
  2. Dip both hands into your facial mask and apply to skin.

Crushed pearls have been working to the benefits of people’s health for millennia. After all that time it appears that science is just now beginning to catch up with ancient wisdom.







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