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Family Adventure Travel: Unique Vacations For Active Families

Family Adventure Travel: Unique Vacations For Active Families

Environmental travel, family adventure travel, volunteer travel – vacation isn’t about going to Disney and hanging out at the pool anymore. Instead, our increasingly wealthy and restless population are seeking out amazing new venues, unique new experiences, and fun things to do as a family. And these great new trips are out there, if you know what to look for.

Here are a few family adventure travel vacations to consider.

Explorer adventure family travel. Whether it’s the mighty Amazon you wish to tour or just the mountain ten miles from your home, taking the family on a quest to tame the out-of-doors can give your children a memory for life.

The best travel isn’t just about the place; it’s about the people you meet in other places. One of the best formats for family adventure travel features an opportunity for your family to meet another family with kids about the same age as yours. Some, especially with African tours, board your family with another family. You eat their food, get to know them, and often visit the same cultural events with them. Other family adventure travel agencies just make sure that you’re in places frequented by locals so you can make your own opportunity.

Volunteer vacations allow your family to do good works while on vacation, and these can be arranged through an agency or by you. For instance, one family drove across country from Connecticut to Los Angeles, but stopped in New Orleans for several days to volunteer with the New Orleans Library System. Seeing the good that needs to be done, and then actually doing that good, lends itself to a completely different vacation experience.

Environmental adventure family travel. This is the family that goes to Galapagos, or travels to the Mediterranean specifically to swim with dolphins. Our planet has a remarkable number of remarkable places, and each one is worthy of a vacation visit. This sort of family adventure travel can easily be blended with a volunteer vacation, so your family can go out and see the seals, then clean up the beaches the seals need. Or they can visit the jungle and ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula, while also participating in community projects like building houses or teaching.

Straight adventure family travel make for great vacation ideas: whitewater rafting, rock climbing, adventure hiking, or scuba diving, for instance, are wonderful opportunities that engage the whole family. But they engage in a different way: your family is working as a team, conquering challenges and learning as a group. Kids get to watch Mom struggle with an oar they find easy, and Mom gets to see the kids see the wonders of the Grand Canyon or the Barrier Reef for the first time.

Family adventure travel of any sort does more than just an ordinary vacation. It brings kids out of their Game Boy world, and parents out of their authoritarian roles. It bonds the family together in a team while allowing everyone to learn about the world and about one another. And it gives the grownups a way to be children again, facing physical challenge with courage and learning while they do it.

But most of all, family adventure travel is fun.

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