Father Breaks Down As Son Returns From Deployment & Crashes Work Conference

Father Breaks Down As Son Returns From Deployment & Crashes Work Conference
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Have you ever surprised your father or anyone else close to you? I bet you didn’t top this surprise of a lifetime. You won’t believe it when you read this heartwarming story.

Mason – the master of this major surprised – had been deployed for over a year in Afghanistan on a combat tour and mobilization/demobilization before it all happened. One day he found out that he would be returning several weeks before his expected return day from deployment.

The first thing that most man would do it calling their family with the big news. Not Mason! He decided to keep this exciting news a secret from his entire family – including his father. Of course, he missed his family. They’ve always been close . However, he was cooking up something in his mind already and couldn’t wait to surprise him in the most epic way possible.

Surprising Dad

Upon his return, still in his uniform, he simply showed up at his father’s office. He asked the receptionist to keep her voice down as she whispered, “Oh my God” trying to cover her face to hide all her happy emotions. She told him that his father was busy meeting with reps, but encouraged him to knock on the door and interrupt him.

When Mason knocked on the door loudly, his father didn’t sound too happy as he was asking with a muffled voice who was disrupting his meeting. Yet, he didn’t open the door. Mason kept knocking further louder and louder until his father finally gave in and opened the door.

As he opened the door, he couldn’t believe that he was actually seeing his soon in front of him. “Mason”, he nearly broke down in tears and hugged his son tight.

Father Breaks Down As Son Returns From Deployment & Crashes Work Conference


He couldn’t believe his own eyes, neither could his coworkers who ended the meeting right away seeing son and father reuniting. “There are more important things going on in this room”, they said. They’ve greeted Mason then walked away to let them reunite.

The surprises didn’t end there.

Surprising Sister

Mason went to his sister’s work to surprise her in the same way. He just walked into the door and his sister saw him right away. She ran out from her desk to embrace her brother nearly breaking up in tears.

Surprising Mom

Last, he finally visited her mom at work, who just like his father and sister, couldn’t believe her eyes. She couldn’t stop hugging her son. They ended this reunion with a nice family selfie.

All this would’ve never happened without a neighbor and family friend who helped to keep everything a secret, organizing and filming the surprise. He also innocently shared the story with a few videos on his blog. Little did he know, the story went viral and was picked up by many popular media outlets.

Thanks to his help, Mason’s surprise is not only an unforgettable family memory but also a heartwarming and inspiring story that the world will never forget. Try not to cry when you watch the videos.

Do you know anyone in the military? Would you want to be surprised or told if they were coming home? What is the best way you’ve ever surprised someone and the most memorable way someone has surprised you? Share your stories with us, we would love to hear them.

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