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8 Flu-Fighting Foods That You Need in Your Diet

flu-fighting foods
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flu-fighting foods

Winter months and the flu seem to go hand in hand, but what if that wasn’t the case? The dreaded fevers, coughs, runny nose, aches, nausea, and fatigue… the list seems to go on forever, but the flu season doesn’t have to! 

What if I told you there were 8 foods that could help keep you healthy this season?

Just read the list below to find out which foods you should eat and what they can do to help keep the flu far away!

1. Honey

Honey is an excellent health sidekick. It contains antimicrobial agents that can help kill bacteria that lead to colds and flu.

 Try putting honey in hot water with lemon. This mixture is great for relaxing when you’re sick and has also been shown to help you sleep.

2. Garlic

This tasty cooking ingredient releases especial enzymes that help cleanse your blood whilst boosting your immune system! Raw garlic has the highest potency but sometimes it’s a little overpowering, so try cooking with it instead!

Garlic can help weaken bacteria that may become a bad flu or cold. So hit the ground running by incorporating garlic into your regular diet.

3. Fermented Dairy

If you don’t already have yogurt in your diet, I strongly recommend introducing it to your body. Yogurt has a high probiotic content, which helps with strong digestion. Effective digestion is essential for your body to take advantage of the nutrients that your food contains.

 Double-check that the yogurt you eat has the certified “Live and Active Cultures” seal, which ensures that it contains 100 million active cultures per gram.

4. Carrots

This nutrition vegetable is high in beta-carotene, which your body transforms into vitamin A. One large carrot (not a tiny baby carrot!) contains 175% of the daily-recommended intake of vitamin A… pretty healthy stuff.

They’re a quick and simple snack… try dipping them in plain yogurt! This makes an extra strong flu-fighting snack to nibble on. 

5. Mushrooms

There are two powerful bacteria-fighting elements within most mushrooms, selenium and beta glucan.

Selenium aids the body in its cytokine production and cytokines fight various bacteria that threaten your health. Beta glucan is the anti-microbial element found in mushrooms and it helps your white blood cells detect and eliminate bacteria or infection.

6. Oysters

Oysters might not be your thing…but if they are, they just went from great to spectacular! Your body has no natural way of producing zinc so you have to find a way to incorporate it into your diet.

Oysters have a high percentage of zinc and I recommend having oysters or other seafood once a week!

 7. Brazil Nuts

Just like mushrooms, Brazil nuts are high in selenium, which contributes to immune system function. 100 grams a day can decrease your chances of contracting viruses like the common cold and the flu. Not to mention it’s a tasty snack!

 8. Lima Beans

Another immune system supporter is soluble fiber. As lima beans pass through your digestive system, they obtain a thick consistency that attracts and flushes out unnecessary cells and germs. Lima beans leave your immune system in optimal condition!

Keep you and your family flu-free this year!

Good luck!








Image Source: Wikimedia

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