These Are the Foods Nutritionists Avoid

foods nutritionists avoid
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foods nutritionists avoidChanging and modifying your diet can seem like a monumental process that almost appears insurmountable.

But don’t panic! I’ve got you covered with a list that’s going to help you get started in the right direction.

The Foods Nutritionists Avoid Like the Plague

1. Caged Eggs

We have our huge factory farms to blame for this. Why? Because their relentless search to cut corners for profit have gradually transformed the standard American egg farm into a horror show.

Chickens are crammed into miniscule cages, to maximize space, that gradually atrophy their muscles and leave them exposed to the fecal matter produced from the cages above.

Add the deadly cocktail of antibiotics and growth hormones, and caged eggs are a recipe for disaster. Stick to organic and humane eggs instead.

2. Farmed Salmon

Trust me, I know incorporating salmon into diet is vital to get the necessary omega-3 intake we need to counteract the damage caused by the standard American diet.

Like caged eggs, the industry behind farmed salmon has cut corners in order to maximize their profits at the expense of our health. Farmed salmon is riddled with mercury, carcinogens, flame-retardants, and pesticides.

I recommend cooking your meals with wild salmon.

3. Canned Tomatoes

It’s not the tomatoes themselves, but the packaging. The can’s interior is lined with a resin (the excuse is that serves as a preservative) that contains bisphenol-A. Acidic food, like tomatoes, causes bisphenol-A to leak into your meals.

This compound is a known endocrine disruptor that can cause long-term damage in the form of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Although it may take a bit more time, make your own tomato sauce with fresh organic tomatoes.

4. Table Salt

Unfortunately, this dangerous condiment always has a place at our tables. Because it’s highly refined, common table salt offers very little nutritional value to your diet.

Also, many of us overuse it, which inevitably leads to cardiovascular complications like hypertension.

Instead, I recommend you replace it with the incredibly healthy pink Himalayan salt.

5. Processed Bread

Regardless if you have a gluten allergy, processed bread can overload your digestive system with ingredients that are exceedingly complicated to break down. Depending on the brand, certain breads are loaded with sodium and sugars.

Besides making your own bread, you can replace standard white bread with rye or sourdough.

6. Non-Organic Dairy

Like farmed salmon and caged eggs, mass produced non-organic dairy is a nightmare for your health. Dairy cows are injected growth hormones and antibiotics that are then passed on to you.

Organic milk, almond milk, or coconut milk are the perfect replacements for this deadly concoction.

7. Margarine

Normally marketed as the healthy alternative to butter, margarine could actually be worst than butter. It’s actually loaded with trans fats that solidify vegetable oils. This in turn wreaks havoc on your digestive system.

I recommend trying out organic butter instead. It also tastes way better.

8. Unfermented and Non-Organic Soy

Genetically modified soy is present almost everywhere and can cause irreparable damage to your health by messing up your endocrine system.

Several studies show that GMO is extremely toxic.

9. Artificial Sugars

Although processed sugar is deadly, these alternatives fare no better. Why? Because although these substances taste sweet, they offer nothing in nutritional value. Sure, it won’t be a weight gain, but it will offer almost nothing else.

10. Cereal

Common brand cereals are nothing more than glorified sugar content. Avoid them like the plague.

With these tips you’ll be set in the right direction for a healthy holistic diet.


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