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Freshen up Your Home Garden with these Tasty Herbs

Freshen up Your Home Garden with these Tasty Herbs
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This is part 3 of 3 in a 3-part series about how you can bring certain foods into your garden at home. Some of them can be done indoors and out, it’s all up to you – the best part is, you get all the healthy benefits of organic food without the worry of any chemical contamination. Have you seen the two previous sections on growing these two beneficial superfoods, and these two delicious citrus fruits? Think about all the amazing additions you’ll be able to make to your garden!

When it comes to herbs, I know people love them for different reasons. Some people enjoy the aromatic properties of certain types (e.g. basil), and others make use of them to add a certain “something” to their food. Either way, there’s always a reason to want more.

So, wouldn’t it make sense to grow your own?

That way, you’ll have access to those special herbs around the clock. You’ll be able to grow them your way without having to pick through packages at a grocery store. Makes sense, right?

Here are two delicious herbs that you can grow in your home:

1. Chives

This grass-looking herb can be used for so many different things – personally, I feel that they go very well with eggs. Chives are packed full of antioxidants and healthy vitamins that you need to function on a daily basis. They also contain phytochemicals, which research shows may lower blood pressure and prevent the development of different forms of cancer.

How can you grow them?

This is one of the easiest herbs to grow, so I’ll outline the process in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Buy some seeds.
Step 2: Find a pot with a diameter of about 6-8 inches.
Step 3: Fill with potting mix and plant the seeds (cover with bout ¾ inches of soil).
Step 4: Place in a somewhat shaded area.
Step 5: Water regularly until those babies grow nice and tall.

Gently snip them when they’re ready, and use them as quickly as possible. Herbs don’t last very long once they’re removed, so don’t let them go to waste.

2. Basil

While basil is already packed full of vitamins and minerals, it also contains an oil called eugenol (which is also present in cinnamon, nutmeg, and bay leaf). Eugenol fights against inflammation and combats enzymes in your body that cause swelling.

How can you grow it?

Step 1: Buy some seeds.
Step 2: Find a pot with drainage holes and a ~4 inch diameter.
Step 3: Fill the pot with soil, and plant the seeds about 1 inch deep.
Step 4: Water the pot daily, and give the leaves a spray (enjoy the amazing smell).
Step 5: When the leaves start showing about six inches above the soil, start pruning to keep it from getting too bushy.

Add a fertilizing compost about once a month to keep the soil healthy and fresh.

When the leaves look nice and full, rip them off and shred them into tiny pieces. Generally, you want to avoid putting a steel knife to your basil (affects oxidation) – but I never notice a significant difference when I make use of the basil right away.

Once you start adding some herbs to your garden, you’ll notice how much better everything smells. Especially if you’re growing them indoors, you’ll fall in love right away. And that about sums it up for the series. Between superfoods, citrus fruits, herbs, and so much more, home gardens can be the perfect solution for anybody wanting to fill up their fridge and bellies with natural, organic foods.

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