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Where Are Your Seeds From? They May Be GMOs

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Lately, we’ve been exploring how to start your own indoor garden, prep your seeds during the winter, and even how to catch rainwater to water your own garden.

These articles are all part of my effort to help you find a safe alternative to make your own vegetables that are absolutely free of any pesticides or genetically modified seeds.

If you’re wondering why anyone would need to cultivate their own vegetables, then you should become acquainted with two dangers that might be lurking in your fruits and vegetables.

The Danger of Buying Non-Organic Produce

Let’s begin with pesticides.

Although DDT was banned in 1972, new derivatives from glyphosates continue to be sold and used by Monsanto. Currently, they’re trying to market Roundup as a harmless new pesticide that will extend crop without any serious repercussions.


The reality is that Roundup actually has a profoundly toxic impact in human placental, umbilical cord, and embryonic cells. This alone makes it a deadly threat for the health of future generations who may be exposed to this in utero.

These effects can be seen in an increased chance for miscarriages, low birth weights, and the risk of abnormal fetal development.

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GMOs are no less deadly.

There’s a reason GMOs are banned from over 60 countries and many others still enforce mandatory labeling to keep the public informed.

The FDA, its powers severely hindered by the interests of gargantuan corporations like Monsanto, not only has deemed both Roundup and GMOs as non-toxic (despite the alarming rate by which the horror stories grow).

Worst of all, the FDA is still not protecting the public by refusing to make GMO labels mandatory because it goes against the financial interests of these corporations.

But what’s a family’s health compared to a slight increase in profits?


To add insult to injury, Monsanto is spending billions of dollars in advertising and marketing trying to convince us that these genetic alterations are all made for the benefit of mankind.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Monsanto makes these modifications only to improve the overall shelf life of their products and to make crops more resistant to Roundup, the very toxic pesticide they’re desperately trying to sell.

And this why you need to be cynical of the food you buy and take the time to research supermarket chain suppliers.

And as I’ve said before, growing your own vegetables is a viable and safe option.

But you need to be careful.

I’ve recently discovered that Monsanto, through shady litigations and lobbying, owns almost 80% of the world’s seeds through patenting. That means that even your indoor garden may not be free from their greedy clutches.


Let that sink in, even your home, your most sacred space, is vulnerable to the machinations of Monsanto.

But don’t panic yet!

I recommend you check out the following sites:

Non-GMO Resources

Wood Prairie Farm

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Seeds of Change

By using seeds from these suppliers you are guaranteed to be using 100% natural seeds, meaning that your future tasty vegetables will pack their entire nutritional punch.


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