Study Finds GMO Soy Extremely Toxic

GMO soy

GMO soyYou know that GMOs are bad for you, but what you may not be aware about is how widespread their reach is.

North American soy beans are mass produced as one of many additives used to preserve food and enable longevity in the shelf life of foods.

You may not drink soy milk or eat tofu, but you are probably eating more soy than you are aware of and the damage could be deadly.

According to statistics, up to 91% of all soy beans in the United States are grown using genetically modified processes. What’s even more alarming is that the newest research which shows GM soy is toxic to our kidneys, liver, and other vital organs in our bodies.

Here is a list of some surprising foods that contain soy, which more than likely has been grown under genetically modified conditions:

  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Chicken and vegetable broths
  • Bullion cubes – beef, chicken and vegetable
  • Eggs

From the Turkish Journal of Biology comes yet another alarming look at the dangers of the GMO’d soy bean.

Lab rats fed a diet of these mutant soy plant showed signs of increased DNA toxicity in as little as 30 days from introducing soy into their diet.

Here are just a few of the alarming results of GMO-fed rats from the study’s findings:

  • DNA fragmentation increased significantly after the rats were fed GM soy, and the levels of toxicity increased drastically in just one month.
  • Glyphosate tolerant enzymes were found in the blood, and as researchers pointed out, “There is a growing concern that introducing foreign genes into food plants may have an unexpected and negative impact on human health.”
  • The kidney’s bio-pathology increased. Blood creatinine and uric acid concentrations increased significantly in rats fed the GM diet for one, two and three months.
  • Chromosomal aberrations were observed. There was a “highly significant” number of abnormal cells.
  • Ironically, some of the foods sold in stores as “health foods” contain the same GM soy used in these lab studies.

You know those soy protein shakes you’ve been drinking to stay healthy?

They are more than likely exposing you to toxic soybean extracts. There is even soy extract in baby formula.

It comes as no surprise to me that more than half the babies of mother rats fed with GM soy died within three weeks.

This toxic stuff is even in skin care products. More and more people are developing allergies to soy because the plant is so far from natural it can actually burn and irritate skin cells.

According to a Russian study, GM soy made the third generation of rats completely sterile.

Although this article may be alarming, there are ways to keep these harmful derivatives out of your body. Make sure you read all your food packaging properly and boycott any and all companies participating in the slow death of our country.

For more ways to protect yourself, check out this article on getting rid of GMO’s completely and here for a list of GMO safe companies.


Monsanto GM Soy Is Scarier Than You Think

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GMO Awareness

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