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The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of A Great Night’s Sleep

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You may think sleeping is simple, that sleep is just sleep and if you get enough, you’ll be okay… but there are a lot of common sleeping habits that can actually have negative impacts on your well-being.

Does anything below sound like you?

Keep an eye out for the Do’s and Don’ts of a great night’s sleep, work on good sleeping habits, and sleep better:

1. Pillow power

Do you have one pillow for your head and nothing else? You don’t have to limit your pillows to your head! The rest of your body can benefit hugely from using a pillow as well.


Steer clear of thick, fluffy, dense pillows that raise your head higher than your back (especially if you turn onto your stomach while sleeping). This will relieve back and neck pain in the morning.

Try putting a pillow under your knees when you’re on your back or in between your knees when you’re lying on your side. This relieves a lot of pressure from your lower back; I think you’ll notice the difference even after a couple minutes!

2. Bedtime

You send your kids to bed every night at the same time don’t you? Well try giving yourself a bedtime as well! Maintaining a regular bedtime schedule allows your body to predict the time you go to bed and anticipate your body’s “shut down.”

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A huge bonus is that a regular bedtime makes the mornings much less painful! Since your body can learn when you go to sleep, it can also acknowledge how long you sleep and can then predict your wake up time, making you more refreshed and ready for the day.

3. Power down

I know it’s tempting to check your e-mail one last time, or fall asleep to that new episode you’ve been longing to watch, but try and resist the temptation! Screens on your phone, tablet, TV, or computer emit a blue light that tricks your brain into believing it’s day time!


When your brain sees this blue light your body decreases its melatonin supply, which is a chemical that encourages sleep. Turning your brain back “on” right before bed is a definite no-no and leads to a restless and light night’s sleep.

Put your phone on silent, turn it screen facing down, and forget about it!

4. Late night snacking

Eating close to bedtime increases your chances of indigestion and heartburn, which can make sleeping extremely uncomfortable and sometimes impossible. The more you eat before bed, the more alert and active your body has to be to digest everything!

Eating or drinking right before bed can wake you up frequently in the night, whether it be for indigestion or washroom breaks.

If you’re really hungry, keep your bedtime snacks simple; no spicy, fatty, or fried foods instead try;


• Oatmeal
• Almonds
• Turkey
• Whole grain breads
• Jasmine rice

5. Sleeping buddies

If you’re a pet owner, I’m sorry to say but Fluffy and Fido might be keeping you up at night! Animals have very different sleeping patterns than humans and are often more active throughout the night. Dogs and cats are both known to wake up in the middle of the night to eat and drink.

Animals aren’t exactly the most considerate bed partners either, you feel and hear them when they move… not to mention their loud breathing and snoring!

You’ll find making small adjustments to your sleeping habits with really help you in your day-to-day vitality, as well as your long-term health. Whatever your unique sleeping problems are, there is a special fix out there just for you.

Sweet dreams!


Image Source: Health Digezt

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