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Granny And Her Dog Are Having An Amazing Time

Granny And Her Dog Are Having An Amazing Time
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Everyone knows how much joy animals can bring to our lives. Dogs, cats, birds, and all other kinds of animals have made their ways through time into our homes as regular pets, and we love having them there. Terms like “fur babies” or “paw parent” are popular terms used by millions of people to describe the near parental bond they feel towards their animal companions. They hold a very special place in the hearts of their persons.

Pet owners aren’t the only ones whose lives are touched by their animals, however. In the advent of the internet and social media, owners all over the world are able to capture their pets’ most heartwarming or laugh out loud moments on video. These videos quickly find their way to the world wide web, and receive thousands – sometimes even millions – of views from strangers whose days are still brightened by the incredible personalities of these crazy pups, kitties, or whatever they may be.

Sometimes we find one pet video that we love to watch over and over, one that we just have to share with our friends, family, or coworkers, no matter how many times we’ve already shown them. My favorite must-shares are of big feathered birds bobbing up and down, dancing to their favorite music like these. But birds aren’t the only dancers among pets. Take for example this video of a sweet old granny having a dance party with her English bulldog.

In the linked video, our elderly grandma sits in her wheelchair in the kitchen of her home, singing an energetic song and clapping her hands to a beat as she has certainly done many times before. Amazingly, on the kitchen floor just in front of her, her dog pulls up to sit with her legs straight out, and dances to her grandma’s voice! With her front paws out, you might even think she is trying to clap along to the song while she wiggles and shakes her body to the tune.

This jitter-bug moment on camera is no fluke, either. During the song, the musical pooch takes a break for a moment to catch her breath while grandma keeps on singing, but after just a moment she rolls right back up to keep dancing until the song is over! All the while, she has a great big happy grin on her face. Once the song is done, she rolls back onto her feet and walks up to the camera looking so proud of herself as her family applauds her. We can’t help but be proud of her too!

Whether in our personal homes or through internet videos, pets of all kinds and talents bring smiles to our faces! Their joy and energy are contagious, as you can tell from the look on the granny’s face in the video (and from your own reaction when you watched it). It seems like they’ll never run out of ways to make us laugh, and we are sure to keep sharing the smiles for a long time to come.

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