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Anti-Inflammatory Kale Recipes: 10 Ways You Have Not Used Kale Before


Kale. We have all heard about this leafy green superfood. In recent years it has surged in popularity with the general public. It can be found in most grocery stores year round, and in different varieties as well. Red and green kale can be found in the produce section, and kale chips, smoothies, salad mixes, amongst other products can be found as well.

The health benefits of kale, along with other cruciferous vegetables, have been widely studied. This leafy vegetable has been found to work to prevent oxidative stress in the body, as well as preventing chronic inflammation. The combination of these two ailments have been known to lead to certain cancers, including bladder, breast, and prostate cancer.

It is quite clear that eating kale is beneficial for our health, and your local grocery store has responded to the demand by ensuring that fresh kale is available all year round. But many people often go for the processed versions of kale. They feel that it is easier to get the benefits of kale that way then through preparing it at home.

Preparing Kale At Home

Of course we know that they are mistaken. When any food is processed, it loses a lot of the benefits that make it health, even kale. So included are 10 ways you can prepare kale at home in ways that taste better (and are better for your) than the store bought options.

Kale Chips



We’ve all seen these in the grocery store, but a small bag can be expensive! Here is a recipe for kale chips, that is as nutritious as it is easy.

Kale Pesto*

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A great twist on a classic dish. This really boosts the flavor of your favorite pasta dishes and the health benefits make it all the more worth it to include it in your dinner plans! (NOTE: We recommend using Himalayan Salt instead of regular salt).

Kale Slaw*


This recipe brings a classic into the health aware modern age! You still get all the great taste of a coleslaw, without the unhealthy mayonnaise.

Sauteed Kale*


This is a great side dish for any meal, and it’s quick and simple to prepare!

Kale Quiche*

A delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Quiches are very versatile and can be enjoyed with any meal of the day, just like kale.

Kale Soup

A really hearty and delicious soup to warm you during these colder months, with all the benefits kale has to offer.

Kale Lasagna


A healthy spin on a classic Italian dish that the entire family will love. Seconds please!

Kale Juice

We have all seen those detox juices in the store, but why buy when you can make a great one at home! The Red and Green Festive Cocktail is delicious and great for flushing out harmful toxins.


Kale Pasta*


A delicious dinner, or even side dish! This is a great meal and it tastes great with whole grain pasta.

Kale Pizza*


Kale isn’t only a delicious side dish, it also makes a great pizza topping! It works great with this healthy crust and just about any toppings you can imagine!

Feel free to buy as much kale as you want! With these great recipes, you’ll never run out of inspiration for what to do with them next.

*These recipes were found on some great websites and all the credit goes to them. Take a look for yourself and see what else they have to offer!


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