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How to Grow These Two Superfoods in Your Home

How to Grow These Two Superfoods in Your Home
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This is part 1 of 3 in a 3-part series about how you can bring certain foods into your garden at home. Some of them can be done indoors and out, it’s all up to you – the best part is, you get all the healthy benefits of organic food without the worry of any chemical contamination. The next section covers how you can grow two vitamin-packed citrus fruits all on your own – do you feel like gardening yet?

Home gardens are one of the best ways to make sure that you’re eating chemical-free, organic foods all the time. The basic premise is that you have a way better idea of what’s going into your produce, compared to trusting what you find in stores. While I generally do advise going for organic foods as often as possible, some of the stuff pulled off of those organic shelves may actually be contaminated with toxic products used in the cultivation of non-organic, GMO crops.

So hey, why not grow your own? You can even do it indoors.

Besides giving you the chance to be a little more creative in your day, one of the biggest perks of having a home garden is that you get the freshest food possible – because hey, you can pick it the moment you’re hungry. That’s why this mini-series is going to fill you up with tips and ideas for your home growing, so that you can fill up on some of the healthiest food possible.

Have you thought about bringing these two superfoods into your garden?

1. Avocados

If you don’t know about the amazing health benefits of avocados, then stop what you’re doing. They bring a healthy balance of valuable nutrients to the table, offering:

  • A rich source of good fat
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B6 & more

This fruit has also been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, eye degeneration, and even cancer.

How can you grow them?

While it’s possible to grow an avocado tree from a pit with some toothpicks and water, it may not give you an edible result. Or at least not one that looks good anyway. I generally recommend picking up a dwarf avocado plant, and planting it in a dry container with sand at the bottom.

Once your plant is sitting comfortably, water it regularly – but be careful not to overwater, or your soil will get soggy. Soggy soil and avocado roots do NOT go well together. Prune the shoots so that they don’t get out of control, and make sure you put the plant in a place where it has plenty of room to grow vertically. Some monster sized plants can grow to be about 10ft tall.

When the skins of green avocados start to yellow, they’re good to go. For the darker ones, wait until they’re blackened and have a slight give when you feel them. It’s important to pick them before they become over-ripened, because they will lose a lot of their flavor if you wait too long.

2. Garlic Greens

Garlic is important for maintaining your overall health, and even has healing properties for certain illnesses – a combination of which makes it one of the best superfoods around. It would be a waste to not bring it into your diet! While growing the bulbs can be a little more challenging (indoors, anyway), getting your hands on the greens can be done without a problem.

How can you grow them?

Step 1: Buy about 3 bulbs of garlic with small cloves (you’ll need about 10-12 cloves total)
Step 2: Grab an empty quart sized container (e.g. yogurt container)
Step 3: Poke holes in the bottom and fill with soil (up to about an inch from the top)
Step 4: Break garlic apart and separate cloves, but keep the peels on
Step 5: Press garlic cloves about an inch into the soil (space them evenly but relatively close together), with the pointy ends up
Step 6: Water regularly and give them regular sunlight

Following these simple steps, you should see some garlic greens in about a week. Give the shoots a snip when they’re about 8 or more inches tall, and use them the same way you would green onions. Each clove only sprouts healthy greens once, though – so you’ll have to replant after snipping them.

That about covers it for these two superfoods – but I’m not done just yet! The next section will go over ways that you can plant two amazingly beneficial citrus fruits in your home garden. What are you growing?

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