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Rub This Essential Oil Blend on BOTH Your Ears to Quickly RELIEVE Earaches

Heal Ear Aches Naturally
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Heal Ear Aches Naturally

Parents have all been there before. You’re in a deep sleep when you’re awakened by the sound of your child’s whimpers. At their bedside, you groggily try to find out what is the matter and how you can help. You’re jolted awake when you hear the cry, “My ear hurts so bad!” 

You suddenly are recalling with absolute clarity exactly when and what the consistency of the last fluids dripping from your child’s nose were, while feeling your little one’s forehead to check for a fever.

A child’s ear infection is nothing to be trifled with. Not only for the extreme discomfort it causes, but also because of the risk of more serious infections and even hearing loss it can lead to. While adults are not immune to them, they sadly usually affect children more often.

Because of their small size, the eustachian tubes in a child’s ears are level and don’t drain as efficiently as an adult’s. Blocked or swollen eustachian tubes can occur as a result of a child getting the common cold but can lead to a serious ear ache and infection. 

Fortunately, you can safely and effectively treat your child’s (or even your own, if you’re one of the few unfortunate adults who suffer from ear infections), with essential oils.

Heal Ear Aches Naturally

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Antiseptic essential oils such as lavender and tea tree can be diluted in olive oil and rubbed around the outside of –never in –the ear and over the lymph nodes on the side of the neck.

If the ear problem is caused by a throat infection, be sure to also use an antiseptic gargle. Hot compresses soothe pain in the ears.

Always treat both ears, even if only one hurts, and continue treatment for several days after the pain is gone to make sure the condition does not return.

Aromatherapy Ear Rub 



  1. Rub around the ear and down the side of the neck.
  2. Apply one drop to a piece of cotton and place in the ear after application of the Herbal Ear Oil (below).
  3. For children use half this dilution (6 drops total of essential oil in 1-ounce carrier).

Garlic is antibacterial, eases the pain and inflammation of a simple ear infection, and is the remedy of choice for the fungal infection called “swimmer’s ear,” a condition that typically creates lots of itching.

Check out this video on how to use garlic to relieve ear infections:


Related Natural Product

Ear-Heal is a natural, safe and effective herbal and homeopathic remedy that is an internal treatment for ear infections, specially formulated for adults and children over 10 years old.

Ear-Heal Drops are an effective natural alternative to antibiotic treatment of ear infections and are an excellent companion to our Ear-OK ear drops, which are used internally directly in the ear. Formulated by our team of experts in natural medicine, Ear-Heal is pharmaceutically manufactured to the highest standards.



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