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11 Surprisingly Healthy Chilled Soups to Cleanse Toxins and Maximize Vitamin Intake

healthy gazpacho recipes
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healthy gazpacho recipesWho said soup was only for the cold and the sick? Even on the hottest day, you can enjoy a delicious bowl of gazpacho, a chilled dish that can serve as a dessert, appetizer or main course…depending on the flavor you select!

But you don’t want just any bowl of gazpacho, you want healthy gazpacho that you won’t regret eating! These recipes are sure to meet all the requirements. You’ll definitely want to go back for seconds!

To make these gazpacho soup recipes even healthier than they already are, please follow my substitute recommendations and use all organic ingredients. I’ve also included whether each recipe is vegan or not. Once you see a recipe you like, just click on the heading!

1. Cold Avocado (VEGAN)

If you’re trying to up your intake of healthy fats, you can’t go wrong with a cold avocado soup. Feel free to add salt to your liking, but avoid table salt. Try pink Himalayan salt instead.

2. Chilled Cucumber and Apple

This soup is perfect as a light, refreshing appetizer. Cucumbers are a healthy source of vitamin K, which prevents blood clotting, and the apples will give you a big dose of vitamin C, which will boost your immune system.

When using olive oil, opt for extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil. Substitute the yogurt for plain Greek yogurt, and use pink Himalayan salt.

3. Chilled Persian Yogurt

If you don’t have a nut allergy, this gazpacho recipe is perfect for a formal occasion. It’s so fancy! The ingredients include walnuts, dried rose petals and golden raisins.

4. Chilled Parsley and Green Pea (VEGAN)

One of the greatest features of this soup is its vibrant green color, thanks to the peas. This recipe also has coconut oil, and we all know how healthy coconut oil is!

5. Chilled Raspberry Chile

Looking for a dessert that actually helps you lose weight? This flavor combo will make your head spin! Whoever heard of combining raspberries with jalapenos? Well, someone did, and it works! The jalapenos will give you a spicy dose of vitamin C, and the raspberries provide an excellent source of vitamin C, antioxidants, manganese and dietary fiber.

Please use plain Greek yogurt instead of low-fat yogurt, opt for agave syrup, (NEVER CORN SYRUP,) and read the labels on your orange juice before purchasing it. Ideally, you should juice your own, organic oranges.

6. Spicy Watermelon(VEGAN)

If you’re really diggin’ the fruit and spice combination, but you’re vegan, you’ll also want to try this recipe. The large amount of watermelon in this recipe will give you loads of vitamin C and vitamin A, but make sure to use Himalayan pink salt and a pinch of Stevia powdered extract instead of the teaspoon of sugar.

7. Tomato (VEGAN)

One bowl of this gazpacho will give you four servings of vegetables! This recipe is gluten-free, sugar-free, yeast-free, and corn-free as well!

8. Peach Cucumber 

Peach, goat cheese, apple cider vinegar, coconut milk. Somehow…someway…some cooking genius blended these flavors together beautifully to produce a thick, sweet bowl of chilled soup. Yum!

9. Chilled Carrot Soup With Scape & Pistachio Pesto (VEGAN)

This recipe produces a thick and intense gazpacho that is perfect for lunch. The carrots provide an excellent source of vitamin A as well, but this recipe does have pistachios, which are used for the pesto sauce.

10. Pea and Mint

Yet another bright green gazpacho, this time with mint! What makes this recipe different from all the others is the addition of butter, which is fine as long as it’s raw, grassfed butter.

11. Chilled Cantaloupe Soup With Cardamom Infused Cherry Compote

If you’re up for a delicious cooking challenge that gives you a hearty dose of vitamin A and C, this recipe is for you! Remember to substitute the sugar for stevia powdered extract, (consult a conversion chart before doing so.) Finally, substitute the salt for pink salt and you’re good to go!


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