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10 Delicious, Easy-To-Pack Lunches That Are Under 400 Calories

healthy lunch recipes under 400 calories
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healthy lunch recipes under 400 caloriesAfter hours of rapid typing, brain-aching problem solving and/or physically demanding activity, you deserve some lunch! Hey, even if you’ve laid on the couch all day, you should probably get some lunch too!

Lunch is one of those important meals that need to keep you satiated for the rest of the work day, while still being both healthy and tasty to eat. You could buy food, but it would be nice if you could meet all these requirements without limiting yourself to a bland salad or dishing out a lot of money.

Look no further! Here are 10 delicious and convenient lunches under 400 calories to satisfy your midday stomach rumble! Find a recipe you like and click the header to get instant access to it. Try to use all organic ingredients where applicable.

1. Southwestern Chicken Fajita Mason Jar Salad

I don’t know what’s cooler: the salad itself, or the fact that it’s in a jar! This healthy stack consists of skinless chicken breasts, cubes of sweet potatoes, greens of your choice, and sliced red bell peppers. It comes out to 166 calories, and 12 grams of protein!

2. Vegetarian Southwest Pasta Salad With Chipotle-Lime Greek Yogurt Dressing

This pasta salad is packed with all the right stuff, but still manages to stay below 400 calories with 252 calories per serving. So what’s in it? Diced avocado, black olives, sweet corn, black beans and Greek yogurt, among many other healthy ingredients.

3. Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad

Make a bunch and let it last for the week! In this recipe, there is a dressing recipe meant to go with this quinoa salad, however, there is peanut butter and soy sauce in this recipe, which I do not recommended. Opt for a balsamic dressing instead and you’ll have a healthy, tasty lunch that clocks in at 260 calories.

4. Turkey Burger Mason Jar

Ok! Here’s a healthy lunch that ISN’T a salad! With layers of tomato, spinach, onion, and of course, turkey burger! Plus, this recipe is completely gluten-free, low in carbs and packed with 28.1 grams of protein! It’s only 372 calories!

healthy lunch recipes under 400 calories

5. Honey Lime Shrimp and Avocado Salad

This is one of my favorite meals on the list. Succulent, well-seasoned shrimp gets mixed in a bowl of tomato, avocado and red pepper flakes giving you a 300-calorie lunch with 24.6 grams of protein! Yum!

6. Verde Taco Chicken Bowls

Looking for a crock pot recipe? Try this avocado, corn, bean and chicken recipe. Make sure that the corn you use is GMO free…or don’t use it at all and substitute the corn for another one of your favorite vegetables.

Also, substitute the rice for Beanito chips to really make this meal a healthy dish. One bowl is about 257 calories.

7. Pork Loin, Asparagus, and Cauliflower “Rice” Bowl

This is a very interesting recipe. Have you ever thought to combine pork loin, asparagus and cauliflower into one delicious “rice bowl? (There’s really no rice!) It’s only 374 calories and will give you 32.5 grams of protein. It’s pretty easy to prepare, but I strongly advise that you DO NOT use a microwave to warm this dish up like the recipe suggests. If you would like this dish warm, please us a countertop oven instead.

8. Shaved Pork and Cheddar Sandwich on a Portobello “Bun”

“Bun” is in quotations because the “bun” is actually a portobello mushroom! This sandwich is filling, meaty and stacked with all the ingredients needed to rival your favorite sandwich. But, the only way to really know how good it is is to try it! It’s only 324 calories with 36 grams of protein!

9. Raw Collard Wraps With Turkey Meatballs, Avocado, and Dijon

If the initial crunch doesn’t sell you on this lunch idea, the meaty filling is sure to appeal. There’s nothing like a good, hearty turkey meatball to satisfy your taste buds and your empty stomach. With only 346 calories and 17.9 grams of fat, these gluten-free wraps will be good for your diet too.

10. Vegetarian Rainbow Power Salad With Roasted Chickpeas

This meal looks just as good as it tastes! That’s because this salad has a vibrant mixture of tri-color carrots (orange, red and yellow,) green zucchini and assorted greens of your choice. Of course, there’s roasted chickpeas mixed in here too, making this dish almost too good to eat!

There is a green sauce recipe that goes with this salad, but keep in mind that the salad may exceed the 400-calorie limit when you use this sauce. To keep this salad under 400 calories, skip the green sauce.

healthy lunch recipes under 400 calories

And there you go! 10 healthy, easy-to-pack recipes to spice up your lunch life! Enjoy!


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