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Experts Share Testimonials On Chemtrails, Heavy Metal Contamination

Experts Share Testimonials On Chemtrails, Heavy Metal Contamination
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The Chemtrail Controversy

Troy Phillipson, a naturopath at Abundant Life Wellness Center in Milwaukee, routinely sends out hair samples for analysis. One startling thing he has noticed is the increasing levels of aluminum the labs are sending back.[1] (And you’re all well aware of the dire health risks of aluminum exposure.)

“I believe it is time to get angry,” Phillipson says. “If being sprayed by brain-damaging aluminum does not make us angry, I might ask, just what will make us angry?”

So, what’s Phillipson concerned about? The Chemtrail Controversy. On the one side are those who believe that “chemtrails” are simply what have been known as “contrails” or condensation (water vapor) trails in a jet’s wake. On the other side are those who believe that contrails are harmful chemical trails that are intentionally dispersed as part of top-secret geoengineering initiatives carried out by the government.

The Mount Shasta, California Rally to End Chemtrails

On July 15, 2014, an important event took place in northern California for people who believe chemtrails are real.

Over 400 citizens rallied through the streets to the Shasta County Supervisors chambers, setting a record for the highest attendance ever. Representing that group was 10 experts from different industries with the purpose of giving voice to their concerns: [2]

There is a heavy metal contamination and ultraviolet radiation issue across the Shasta County region (and the world).

Experts Who Presented at the Shasta County Rally

  1. Dane Wigington (Lead Researchers and Administration for
  2. Iraja Sivadas (Member, Union of Concerned Scientists)
  3. Allan Buckmann (Former Military Meteorologist, Fish and Game Biologist)
  4. Francis Mangles (35-Year U.S. Forest Services Biologist)
  5. Jeff Nelson (Former Commercial Airline Pilot)
  6. Russ Lazuka (Former Commercial Airline Pilot)
  7. Hamid Rabiee (Neurologist)
  8. Frank Livolsi (Doctor and Pilot)
  9. Mark McCandlish (Former Defense Industry Technician)
  10. Steven Davis (Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Traditional Naturopath)

According to one news report, “Only one speaker presented white, billowing trails following jets as benign. Identifying himself as an organic farmer, a man said atmospheric conditions determine how long they remain visible in the sky. ‘Don’t buy into fear of contrails,’ he said. ‘They’ve been with us for a long time.’ [3]  You can read the EPA’s official factsheet on aircraft contrails here. [4]

The presenters and audience alike acted with the utmost respect. At the conclusion of the meeting, the panel of county supervisors voted unanimously to investigate heavy metal contamination! (You can find the entire hour-long discussion here or watch the condensed 15-minute one below.)

“We have a contamination issue that is a danger to the public,” begins Wigington…

“They say they have a lot of science,” said discussion supervisor Pam Giacomoni. “They presented us a lot of information and I think it’s important for us to have that public discussion.”

Official Cause For Concern?

One of the issues mentioned by those concerned about chemtrails at the Shasta County meeting was the way the vapor clouds seem to linger so much longer in the sky than they did just decades ago. In the aviation community, these are known as “persistent contrails.” According to the EPA factsheet, the official explanation for this is low atmospheric humidity produces short-lived contrails that evaporate soon after being formed whereas persistent contrails exist where there is higher atmospheric humidity.According to the EPA [4]:

  • Contrail cover is expected to change in the future if changes occur in key factors that affect contrail formation and evolution. These key factors include aircraft engine technologies that affect emissions and conditions in the exhaust plume; amounts and locations of air traffic; and backgroundatmospheric humidity conditions.
  • Changes in engine fuel efficiency, for example, might change the amount of heat and water emitted in the exhaust plume, thereby affecting the frequency and geographical cover of contrails.
  • Changes in air traffic might also affect persistent contrail formation. It is currently estimated that regions of the atmosphere with sufficient humidity to support the formation of persistent contrails cover about 16 percent of the Earth’s surface. If air traffic in these regions increases in the future, persistent line-shaped contrail cover there will also increase.
  • Overall, based on analysis of current meteorological data and on assumptions about future air traffic growth and technological advances, persistent contrail cover is expected to increase between now and the year 2050.
  • Contrail cloudiness might contribute to human-induced climate change. Climate change may have important impacts on public health and environmental protection.

An article in Smithsonianmagazine examined the last point above, offering this take on the controversy, “dissipating haze from plane exhaust alters how sunlight reaches the Earth and may be unintentionally affecting our climate,” in other words, there is actually “accidental geoengineering” taking place. [5]

So, If You Are on the Chemtrail Side of the Controversy, What Can You Do About It?

According to Phillipson, there are four very practical ways you can start to make real change. [1]

  • Educate yourself! 
  • Test your own water! 
  • Don’t be silent! 

Create a local citizens’ watch group! 

So, If You Are on the Contrail Side of the Controversy, What Can You Do About It?

  • Educate yourself and share information! 
  • Consider testing your own water to make sure you don’t have an unseen problem! 
  • Don’t be silent, engage in polite conversation with those who do not agree with you! 
  • Interact with local citizens’ groups to continue polite dialogue! 

Efforts to find out whether anything resulted from the Shasta County Supervisors meeting have not turned up new information. But, we will continue to follow the trail!

Editor’s Note: We want to acknowledge that the featured image associated with this article has been edited from its original form as an illustrative tool.  Please note the original article was published April 12, 2018 and updated on September20, 2018 to reflect a more balanced view of the topic. 

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