Here’s How to Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into Keepsake “Memory Bears”

Here’s How to Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into Keepsake “Memory Bears”
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The teddy bear you see below started out as a onesie. It was made out of a crafting project called memory bear, where your baby’s onesie can be turned into a cuddle buddy once they’ve outgrown that cute outfit. It’s a great keepsake for moms especially if it holds a special memory, like a hospital onesie from when they took their baby home for the time. It’s also a great toy that their kids can play with and sleep next to!   

ImaginationAcresLLC made this bear with cute bunnies all over it. Look the adorable feet on it too! 

Here’s How to Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into Keepsake “Memory Bears”
Image Source/ ImaginationAcresLLC

Here are a couple more pictures of other memory bears that started out as onesies. And guess what? You can make them too!

This one even has a turtle on its behind. It’s beyond adorable!

Here’s How to Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into Keepsake “Memory Bears”
Image Source/ ImaginationAcresLLC

How about this one? It has cupcakes all over it! 

Here’s How to Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into Keepsake “Memory Bears”
Image Source/CrazyLeggies

How to Make Your Own Memory Bear

Before we get started on the DIY instructions, we want to let you know that you can also pay someone to make a memory bear for you. Just send the fabric to memory bear makers on Etsy like ImaginationAcresLLC or CrazyLeggies, and they’ll custom make it just for you.

But if you have the sewing skills and the desire to make the bear yourself, then here’s how you can do it. The photos and instructions below are courtesy of Funky Friends Factory

Step 1: Gather Materials

Purchase a sewing pattern online from places like Simplicity or Funky Friends Factory and lay out all the materials and fabrics you’re going to use.

Step 2: Prepare the Pattern Pieces

Trace all the pieces included in the kit and cut around them leaving about 1/8 of an inch around the borders. Then iron the interfacing pieces on the fabric with the sticky glue facing the back of the fabric. Once that’s done, cut the pieces out accurately on the traced lines.

step 2

step 2b

Step 3: Sew on The Different Parts of The Head

Start by sewing the different pieces of the head together like the face and the forehead. Then follow up with the eyes and ears before moving on to the back of the head. Sew the side pieces on the back of the head and when that’s all done, here’s what it should look like.


step 3

Step 4: Sew the Body and Legs

Now you can move on to the body starting with the tummy and then the inner legs. Then continue by sewing the pieces of the back and outer legs. Your sewing project should look something like this so far. 

step 4


Step 5: Sew the Feet and Arms

Start by sewing on the foot pads and then move on to the inner arms and outer arm pieces as shown in the photo below. Make sure to sew the outer arms closed along the top, from V to a W.  


step 5

Step 6: Join the Head on to the Body

It’s time to put the two big pieces together. The best way to do this is to turn the head right sides out and position it ‘inside the body’ so you can pin the pieces together at the neck seam, with the fabric right sides together. Sew the head on and turn the bear right sides out through the turning gap. This is what it should look like at this point.

step 6a

step 6b

Hand Sewing Stuffing Seams


Step 7: Stuff the Bear

Stuff the bear starting with the legs, arms, head, and then the tummy area last. Then stitch the gap closed on the back of the bear. Finally, cut the felt piece for the nose.


step 7a

step 7b

There you have it, your own memory bear that you made from scratch with your favorite baby onesie! Check out the videos under each step to get detailed instructions. We hope this memory bear serves as a special toy only because it’s handmade by you but because it’s made out of meaningful material. Happy sewing! 

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