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Put Pink Himalayan Salt On Your Dog’s Food And Help Treat and PREVENT Inflammation And Joint Issues


NOTE:  You don’t pour salt all over your food so DON’T DO IT TO YOUR DOG’S FOOD. A very small pinch is enough for your dog to feel the benefits. Do Not over salt your dog’s food. As with when you use salt, moderation is key.

Table salt is unnatural and highly processed. The processing treatments done to table salt remove a wide range of important minerals and nutrients from the salt, deeming it unworthy of consumption. Nowadays, more people recognize the problem with regular table salt, and replace it with an amazing alternative: pink Himalayan salt.

We all know that Himalayan salt is good for us, but did you know it’s great for dogs too? The pink salt is filled with a plethora of minerals that are missing from our (and our dogs’) everyday diet!

This amazing mountain salt has become an increasingly popular substitution for regular table salt. Many people have recognized the benefits of pink salt, as salt licks are now available for pets. When looking at these salt licks, ensure you’re looking at pink Himalayan salt licks, as they are the most beneficial for pets.


If you already have pink Himalayan salt around the house, you may not need to look for a lick at all! You can add the salt to the dog’s food, water, or any treat you may give your dog.

Himalayan Salt for Your Dog

The benefits of himalayan salt includes its high mineral content (often missing from dog’s diets), it aids digestion, helps lower blood pressure and stimulate better circulation (great for elderly dogs), helps build strong bones, restore your (and your dog’s) pH balance, reduces water retention, and slows signs of aging (improving heart health).


Generic dog food is low quality, resulting in digestive disorders and other chronic health problems. Even the “good” dog foods could be fooling you, as only two organizations are responsible for standards and quality of pet foods: the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). AAFCO stated that, to summarize, labels on pet food mean nothing. There doesn’t have to be any scientific proof that these “GMO-free,” “natural” and “healthy” labels have any truth to them.

Pet foods are filled with GMO grains, corn, and soybeans, food-grade carrageenan (linked to intestinal inflammation), synthetic preservatives, and meat byproducts from diseased animals (including road kill and shelter animals).

Instead of using generic dog food, organic dog food is always a better idea. The best is to make your own pet food. You can find recipes here.

Make sure if you do use generic dog food (or even if you make your own), to add a pinch to Himalayan salt so your pet can reap the benefits of a healthier diet filled with good minerals.



Be aware of the dangers of salt toxicity – dogs love salt and will always want more. Start with just a pinch, and if you have a small dog don’t give her more than just a pinch. Even medium and large dogs don’t need a lot of salt and excessive salt intake can cause dehydration and, over a long period of time, liver problems and worse. 

The key is to be mindful, and realize that pink Himalayan salt for dogs is only needed in the smallest amount to keep them happy and healthy.




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