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Home Remedies for Migraines and Headaches


For everyone who has had a migraine, you know how painful they are. They are much more severe and last longer than regular headaches.  At the first sign of symptoms, such as vision loss or a “pins and needles” feeling,  you know it’s time to do something before the intolerable pain comes.  Many people turn to over the counter medicine such as Excedrin.

As you know, it was recently recalled by the pharmaceutical company. Though it does relieve pain faster than any natural remedies would, it also comes with an array of possible side effects.  I understand that there is nothing better than instant migraine relief, but I encourage you to try natural ways of treating your migraine headache.  They have far fewer health risks than prescriptions.

But, before we jump into remedies, here’s a quick overview of different types of headaches to help you pinpoint what you’re really dealing with!

4 Major Types of Headaches


Do any of these headache descriptions sound like you?

Tension Headaches

If you’ve ever had a headache, it’s probably been a tension headache. It feels like it covers your whole head with a dull, aching sensation. Although it doesn’t throb, your head, neck, forehead, scalp, and shoulder muscles often feel very tender or sensitive.

Cluster Headaches

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Cluster headaches are the ones you never want to experience. They’re touted as being the most excruciating type of headache, characterized by severe burning and piercing behind or around one of your eyes. They may also be accompanied by flushing, redness, swelling, and sweating. Lasting, on average between 15 minutes and three hours, people with cluster headaches can experience many throughout the day.

Sinus Headaches


Usually, sinus headaches are triggered by a sinus infection or an allergic reaction. Unlike tension headaches, sinus ones are more localized around the sinus area and can spread to the front of your head.

Migraine Headaches

Surprisingly, migraine headaches are often misdiagnosed as sinus headaches. People with this type of headache can experience an intense pulsing or throbbing within your head that lasts for days. Like cluster headaches, migraines make daily tasks near-impossible to complete (depending on their severity). People with migraine headaches usually feel them on one side of their head and are accompanied by light and sound sensitivity, as well as nausea and vomiting.

Other types of headaches can include:

  • Hormone headaches that are linked to hormone imbalance (e.g., menstruation, birth control)
  • Caffeine headaches which, after having too much, can affect your brain’s blood flow
  • Exertion headaches can be spurred on by (sudden) physical activity (e.g., weightlifting, running)
  • Hypertension headaches brought on by high blood pressure
  • Rebound headaches linked to using too much medication and feels similar to a tension headache
  • Post-traumatic headaches which can develop after any type of head injury and can last up to a year (or become chronic)

5 Safe Natural Alternatives to Ease Migraines


Feverfew is one of the oldest herbal remedies for migraines. You can make a tincture or eat it raw.  The reason that Feverfew is able to easy migraines is a powerful chemical called parthenolide, which has been known to ease migraines. Feverfew can be purchased in tincture, tea or tablet form.  However, it’s the best when used fresh. (where to find)


Butterbur has been recently discovered to reduce the intensity of migraine headaches.  It does so by reducing inflammation and stabilizing blood flow to the brain. It prevents spasms in the capillaries and stabilizes blood pressure. If you decide to try butterbur, make sure it’s labeled PA (pyrrolizidine alkaloids) free.  This indicates that the liver toxic alkaloids normally in butterbur plants have been removed. (where to find)

Ginger, Peppermint and Cayenne


This combination of herbs is known as the natural pain relieving trio.  To make a herbal tea, mix the three herbs together. Mix together a pinch of cayenne pepper, a little piece of fresh ginger and a teaspoon of dried peppermint. Put the mixture in two cups of boiling water and let it steep for 20 minutes.  Strain the herbs and add raw honey to taste.

Lavender Essential Oil

In 2012, for the first time, a placebo-controlled clinical trial confirmed that lavender essential oil aromatherapy is effective at relieving migraine headaches. Lavender essential oil has been known for centuries for its analgesic effect on migraine sufferers. Lavender helps reduce the inflammation that occurs in blood vessels during a migraine. Lavender essential oil possesses pain-killing, nerve calming, and sedative properties. Just make sure you’re using a pure essential oil. (where to find)


Magnesium is known as the master mineral. It activates over 300 cellular metabolic processes in our body.  It affects our nervous system, muscle tissue, and cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, many people in the world and especially America are magnesium deficient.  One of the studies found that daily consumption of magnesium supplements reduced the frequency of migraines by 42 percent, compared to only about 16 percent in patients given a placebo pill. Magnesium relaxes arteries and muscles in the body, which helps to get rid of headaches and ease migraines.  I personally use magnesium oil daily.  It can be sprayed or rubbed onto the skin wherever it’s comfortable. (where to find)

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