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Save Your Skin With This Homemade Hand Soap

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Here’s the scene, you’re extremely busy and you need to quickly wash your hands and the closest thing at hand is antibacterial soap. It can be either the dishwashing soap or just your standard antibacterial hand soap.

Here’s what you may not know already, antibacterial soaps can be extremely toxic because they promote the development of super bacteria and kill off the “good” bacteria that helps your children develop their immune system.

These kinds of soaps can also be pretty rough on your skin because of the strong chemicals they use to kill bacteria.

But what can you do?

The answer is pretty simple: you can make your own hand soap with completely natural and 100% chemical free ingredients.

Homemade Hand Soap


Here’s what you’ll need:

– 8-ounce bar of soap

– 2 tablespoons of glycerin

– 1 gallon (I recommend using purified water)

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– A few drops of your favorite essential oil

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Let’s start with the bar of soap. I recommend using a brand like Castile Soap because it’s certified to be 100% chemical free. If not, stick to a brand that you know is kind to your skin and smells amazing.

Now that we got that out of the way, you need to grate the entire bar of soap. Alternatively, if you have a really powerful blender, you can blend it (although I found the cleanup to be a bit annoying).

Place the gallon of purified water (because higher quality water will improve your hand soap’s fragrance) into a large pot. Then simply set your stove’s temperature to hot (but not boiling).


Add the soap to the water and let it dissolve entirely. You’ll need to be patient because this part of the recipe can take quite a bit of time. Once in while, stir the mix with a spoon to check on its progress.

As soon as you notice that the soap is entirely dissolved, add the two tablespoons of glycerin and few drops of your favorite essential oil.

I personally love tea tree oil because of its unique fragrance and its amazing health benefits.

After everything is thoroughly mixed, let it sit for an entire day. You’ll notice that your hand soap will start to significantly thicken.

After cooling, make sure you give it a really good whisking because you want to make sure it doesn’t clump.

Then you’re set!

This recipe will yield roughly one gallon of homemade hand soap.


How to Package Your Hand Soap

I recommend placing your hand soap in mason jars for storage. For use, I recommend recycling and old hand soap dispenser. Simply refill when needed.

If you want you to go a step even further, you could also fashion a liquid dispenser from your mason jars.

Trust me, this will be gentlest hand soap you could ever find on the market for only a fraction of the price.

Also, if you loved how Castile soap turned out in this recipe, check out these amazing applications it has for your family’s overall health.


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