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Homemade Tinted Moisturizer That Works Better Than Toxic, Expensive Foundations (Recipe)


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The most important segment of every beauty routine is the foundation, we all know that. Your entire look depends on the choice of foundation, but it is difficult to find the right product. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask. Also, it can be difficult to find the right shade or consistency. It’s needless to mention foundations can be quite heavy during warm spring/summer days. That’s why tinted moisturizer is your best friend. It helps you easily avoid all this drama. But some brands use not-so-gentle ingredients that harm your skin. Luckily, you can avoid this problem too by making your natural tinted moisturizer. The entire process is incredibly easy!

Why you should make a tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is, essentially, a moisturizing cream or lotion that has a slight tint in it which allows you to get some skin coverage. Not only does it moisturize your skin, but it also acts as a foundation at the same time. Plus, it has a lightweight formula that the skin absorbs easily.


Tinted moisturizers allow you to cover imperfections you’d like to hide and minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles, but they also leave you with glowing, radiant skin. The tint stays put throughout the day, so there’s no need to reapply it constantly.

Although these products are incredibly practical, store-bought items usually contain some harsh ingredients, including:

  • Avobenzone – used in products with SPF, associated with side effects like dry skin, irritation, acne, hair follicle inflammation
  • Cyclopentasiloxane – keeps the moisture locked in, linked with adverse effects such as skin irritation, rash
  • Propanediol – used as a solvent and viscosity decreasing agent, associated with skin irritation, rash, dermatitis
  • Dimethicone – serves as skin protectant, but it traps everything under the skin including bacteria thus leading to infections, increases skin irritation, people with sensitive skin can experience allergic reaction to the ingredient
  • Phenoxyethanol – preservative, linked with skin and lung irritation, repeated long-term use can cause organ damage

These are the examples of some ingredients used in tinted moisturizers that we use on a daily basis. Instead of exposing your skin to potentially harmful components, you can opt for natural products. What most people don’t know is that you can make all types of moisturizer, lotions, beauty and cosmetic products in your home.


To make your own tinted moisturizer, you will need a homemade lotion or store-bought all-natural item. Besides this, you’ll also need mica powder which gives pigment to the product and also makes your skin look radiant; the ingredient has been around for centuries. Another important ingredient here is a cocoa powder which is abundant in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, and it contains minerals and vitamins much-needed for healthy skin. That’s it!


As you can see, making tinted moisturizer requires only a few ingredients that you probably own already. Here’s exactly what you’ll need:

  • Natural lotion – 2 tablespoons
  • Mica powder in color of your choice – ½ teaspoon or the amount necessary to get desired shade for your skin
  • Cocoa powder – ½ teaspoon (or until you get desired shade)

The process

Start by combining the lotion and the colors until you get the desired shade. Make sure you start with the lowest amount and gradually add mica and cocoa powders until you’re satisfied with the resulting color.

Bear in mind it will look darker in a container than it will on your skin, so take that into account while making this beauty product for yourself. To make sure you get the perfect tinted moisturizer, test the shade on the inner arm. Once you’re satisfied with the shade and how it looks on your skin, your job is done.

Storage and shelf life

Your tinted moisturizer is ready, the shade is perfect, and now you just have to store it properly. Ideally, you should store the moisturizer in the air-tight container and keep it away from direct sunlight.


When it comes to the shelf life, it depends on whether you’re using a store-bought natural lotion or a homemade one. If you’re using the first store-bought product, your tinted moisturizer will have the shelf life of a lotion you added into the mixture. In the case you used a latter option, then it will last up to a month.

How to use?

What makes this tinted moisturizer so beneficial is the fact it isn’t greasy. It won’t give you that awkward oily appearance and, thereby, it will not clog your pores.

To get the most out of this tinted moisturizer, apply it after cleansing as a part of your morning skincare routine before you go to work or school. Why? It’s because cleansers improve absorption of other products; this will ensure your tinted moisturizer achieves maximum absorption, thus contributing to even skin tone. Apply evenly in circular motions.


Tinted moisturizers have great coverage and leave the skin looking youthful and radiant. Since it’s easy to make your own tinted moisturizer, you don’t need to purchase items that contain potentially harmful ingredients. Make it a standard part of your morning skincare routine, instead of a heavy foundation before going to work. Before bedtime, wash your face with a cleanser and apply a rich serum to repair the skin and help you combat common signs of aging.

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