Horse Walks UP To Little Boy With Rare Disorder & Leaves His Mom Speechless

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Many of us are afraid of certain animals. Some fear dogs, some fear cats, some fear sharks, snakes, spiders, or tigers. Human beings can be remarkably afraid of an animal even without directly encountering one – perhaps because we’ve heard stories of bad or harmful circumstances in the past, we’re uncertain of how the particular animal behaves, perhaps they are large and frightening, or maybe we’re afraid for some other unknown reason. Horses often fall under this category of fear, earning themselves a bad reputation due to their size as well as many people’s lack of familiarity with them. However, we are often exposed to situations of extreme gentleness with these beautiful beasts which leads one to marvel at their kind hearts!

Horse And Little Boy Become Friends

Check out what happened when little Erez, a four-year-old suffering from a rare disorder, encountered a giant horse in an enclosed paddock.

Erez’s mother filmed the somewhat surprising interaction that her son had with an enormous horse. It was the first time Erez had met the horse, and yet neither seemed overly wary or afraid of the other, despite Erez’s unpredictable behavior due to his disorder. Erez’s mother re-watched the video upon returning home, saying that “I realized the power of that moment of my son and the horse. The horse didn’t dare change the angle it was standing as if afraid to hurt him or step on the child…”. (1,2)

You see, while many people believe that horses must be abrupt, abrasive creatures due to their intense size, they actually tend to be quiet souls that implement gentleness, thriving on the companionship of other horses and humans (3). While the actions and the reactions of a horse greatly depend on its personality, training, lifestyle, and owner, horses are naturally peaceful creatures that welcome other gentle persons or animals (3). Naturally animals of prey, horses tend to flee from danger or situations that might present a possible threat (3). Sudden movements often constitute a threat to a horse.

Now, Erez is just one out of 150 patients who suffer from Williams Syndrome in Israel, which causes him great difficulty in learning how to properly make contact with people and animals (1). According to Erez’s mother, “One of the problems among patients with the disorder is the right contact. They are very loving…and enjoy the attention, but often do not know how to contact the right way” (2). Erez’s sudden and unpredictable movements, however, did not cause the horse to startle!

Upon viewing the video, you’ll quickly see that Erez makes the first contact with the horse who, instead of reacting wildly, simply responds with gentle curiosity and calm understanding (1). When Erez throws up his hands, there is a slight bit of concern in the horse as it raises its head well beyond the reach of the little boy, only to remain calm as the child approaches him and pets his leg (1). The horse remains remarkably patient as Erez excitedly contacts the horse, moving in ways that might otherwise startle an animal, nuzzling it and hugging it lovingly (1).

Be sure to view this incredible interaction and don’t be afraid to give this loving little boy and amazingly compassionate horse alike!

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