How to Correctly Plant a Tomato Plant to reach 5-8 Feet

how to plant tomato
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how to plant tomatoTomatoes, no sandwich can feel complete without them. Better yet, no kitchen feels like a kitchen without them.

In case you need an excuse to enjoy this wonderful fruit more often, just remember that lycopene, a compound found in all tomatoes has the potential to help you prevent prostate, esophagus, lung, pancreas, breast, and cervix cancers.

But wait, there’s more! Their lycopene has been identified as a powerful free radical fighter that helps prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

To make sure you get the most out of this free radical fighting compound, make sure you cook tomatoes whenever you can. Why? Cooking them transforms the lycopene into a more bioavailable compound.

When looking for tomatoes, make sure you avoid GMO tomatoes. Although Monsanto would have you believe that they’re only modifying for your sake, they’re actually changing the genetic code to improve the shelf life of tomatoes to maximize their profit margins.

Unfortunately, most organic tomatoes can be extremely expensive and have the risk of still being exposed to the pesticides of neighboring crops

What can you do to get the best tomatoes?

You should check out the possibility of growing your own tomato trees.

You’ll soon have your own source of tomatoes that is guaranteed to be pesticide and GMO free because you’ll be in control every step of the way.

It’s also one of the most cost effective solutions to securing access to a stable source of organic tomatoes.

And trust me, few things taste as sweet as tomatoes grown by your love and labor in your own garden.

Let’s get started!

How to Grow Your Own Tomato Tree:

Digging the Right Kind of Hole

Tomato trees need to be planted three feet apart from other plant so they can grow to their maximum potential.

Since we’re also packing extra nutrients you need to make sure there’s enough room for them as well. I’d recommend making each hole at least two feet deep.

The Extra Nutrients

Note: After your place each nutrient I recommend you place at least two inches of soil between layers.

First Layer:

If you know anyone in the restaurant business or are extremely friendly with your local butcher, you’re in luck! Simply ask for any leftover fish heads (they’re perfect source of extra nutrients for plants).

Alternatively you can use fishmeal or leftover crab shells.

Second Layer:

To boost your plant’s immune system and calcium supply, pack in a bit of aspirin and some eggshells.

Third Layer:

Bone meal also increases your plant’s calcium supply.

Fourth Layer:

Add your fertilizer.

What next?

Gently ease out the plant out of its pot. Trim the lower leaves. Once it’s safely placed in the hole, gently fill the hole with soil. Make sure you don’t compress it too much because the plant needs to breathe through the soil.


The first watering session is the most important. You simply cannot be stingy.

Water it thoroughly at least three times, making sure it completely soaks up the water between each watering mini-session.

After that, water regularly.

Then patiently wait for your own homegrown tomatoes to bloom.



Image Source:

Grow My Garden


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