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Humans Draw Energy From Each Other The Same Way Plants Do

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Being able to feel other people’s emotions is incredibly significant. And there are pros and cons to having the ability to take on the energy of others. From angst to excitement, you can have the ability to relate to others in a way that can be very powerful. And sometimes, not having the ability to choose what you feel due to the emotions others are feeling around you can be equally as draining.

Have you ever noticed a feeling of being uncomfortable, or absorbing specific energies when placed in a specific group setting? This is likely due to there being such a vast mix of energies and emotions present within the space you are sharing amongst other high energy individuals. Groundbreaking scientific studies have found that plants can actually absorb energy from other surrounding plants. And because our physical bodies are soaking up our surrounding environments like sponges, this study conducted at Bielefeld University by Professor Dr. Olaf Kruse’s also implies evidence that humans are no different when it comes to how we take on energy that surrounds us. (1)

The study concluded for the first time that the plant green alga, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, not only can engage in photosynthesis but also holds an alternative source of energy which it can draw from other plants. This research suggests that humans are likely to feed off each other similarly. “The human organism is very much like a plant, it draws needed energy to feed emotional states and this can essentially energize cells or cause increases in cortisol and catabolize cells depending on the emotional trigger,” Olaf’s research states.  

It’s important to understand the necessity of staying grounded when you know how vulnerable you can be to inheriting the emotions of others. If you are able to master the space around you and the energy you allow in, your capability for love and compassion can be magnified. Channeling these energies in a way that can serve you can be as simple as they are game-changing. But how can you clear your space while preventing yourself from being drained?

How To Keep Your Energy Clear And Remain Grounded

  1. Stay Focused & Centered – If you are already centered within your spiritual self, you already can sense when something significant has shifted into your space. If you are feeling depleted, take time to be around the things that bring you peace and grounding. For some, it can be time with nature, a walk outside, or even journaling to help bring them back to the present in moments that feel a bit out of whack.
  2. Let Go Of Resistance – Energy can be persistent, and way more powerful than we give it credit for. Resistance to unwanted energies can sometimes do the exact opposite – instead of them disappearing, they stay lingering in your space. If you do tend to get uncomfortable around certain groups or individuals, instead of utilizing resistance as a form of protecting yourself, remember that the energy is simply a passing movement, and can go right through you as opposed to sticking to you. And every moment is a new moment to shift and realign your own energy regardless of what may surround you.
  3. Practice Personal Space – If you don’t take the time to honor your personal space, including the boundaries that you set for yourself, the more susceptible you are likely to become to receiving energy that is not in your best benefit. Be sure to take valuable time for yourself, especially when large amounts of your time are involved with being surrounded by numerous personalities and energies.

As science continues to progress through the years, our understanding of how energy travels through all beings can continue to grow. Now that we are knowingly aware of how our energies can travel, be sure to remain present within your true self. Staying grounded and self-aware of the energy that surrounds you will allow you to transmit and share your own amazing energies.

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