If You Can Solve This Math Equation, Then You Really Are A Genius! Can You Do It?

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Let’s be honest… everybody wants to be considered a genius, but when it comes to proving our mind’s abilities, we’re often somewhat less than thrilled about putting ourselves to the test. This seems especially true in the case of math, since so many people detest it and its strict rules, resulting in feelings of shyness to prove their ability (or inability) to accomplish a confusing puzzle!

But what if math could be fun? What if we could enjoy the patterns it forms and decipher the equation within it by the math’s predictable rules? Believe it or not, this math test is actually pretty fun, and the cool thing about it is that it might reveal you to be a math genius!

Are you ready?

Find The Connection

Here is your test: try to find the connection between the following numbers:

8+2 = 16106

5+4 = 2091

9+6 = 54153

7+5 = 35122

20+3 = 602317

Need A Hint?

Need a hint? Well, obviously 8+2 does not equal 16106, so there’s something funky going on here. What does 16106 mean?

Need a better hint? Alright. Don’t focus too hard on the enormous number on the right side of the equals sign. It actually makes more sense to consider that number as a bunch of smaller numbers combined. These smaller numbers will help you find your connection.

Need an even better hint? What relationship does 8 and 2 have with 16? What relationship does 8 and 2 have with 10? With 6?

Need an even better, better hint? Alright, get ready for this. It’s actually really easy… Every number after the equals sign actually represents something. They represent three sums found by multiplying, adding, and then subtracting the numbers before the equals sign.

Still don’t get it?

Well, try out this solution! It’s actually really easy! We’ll use the first equation as an example, so consider “8+2 = 16106.” Here are the results of multiplying the number, adding the numbers, and subtracting the numbers:

8×2 = 16

8+2 = 10

8-2 = 6

Your results are 16, 10, and 6, which when placed together in a line are 16106, which is the very first “answer” we had! It’s that simple!

So now that you know the secret, answer the following equations:

7+12 =

4+2 =

9+5 =


Do you think any of your friends will be able to figure this out without the hints? Go ahead and put them to the test to find out!


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