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How to grow a healing indoor garden that will fit inside even the tiniest space


Living in a small and cramped apartment is something that many of us have experienced. You want to add life to your home but the idea of having a garden feels as if it is outside of the realms of possibility. There is hardly the space for all clothes and boxes, let alone considering buying plants!

This, however, is a common misconception. Whether you’re concerned about the physical logistics or even the amount of light the plants will get, it is possible to have your own tiny indoor garden. This article covers five perfect indoor plants and three ingenious space saving planters.


Five perfect indoor plants

  1. Asparagus Fern

    The asparagus fern is a native to South Africa and has been considered a house plant since the 19th century. They are notoriously easy to care for, as they only require watering every few days and prefer to be kept in indirect sunlight.

    Also for those times when you go away on holiday and forget to ask someone to water your plants, asparagus ferns are capable of surviving short periods of drought. The fern will also occasionally flower, producing delicately white petals. 

  2. Split-leaf Philodendron

    Widely heralded as a favourite amongst the indoor gardening community, the Split-leaf Philodendron is a fast growing climber. Native to the jungles of Central America, this plant grows best when watered heavily and regularly, with lukewarm water.

    Its big leaves capture light well, meaning it can be kept in indirect sunlight. Perfect for indoors, as a Philodendron’s growth is tailored to its environment. 

  3. Spider Plants

    Indirect light and infrequent watering make the spider plant one of the easiest in the world to care for. A popular choice in many homes due to both its ease of care and its charming light green and white coloring.

    Spider plants should flower annually. Producing white plants at the end of long shoots. 

  4. Fiddle Leaf Fig

    As a centerpiece of an indoor garden, there is nothing better than a fiddle leaf fig. This large leafy plant is a native of Cameroon. It only needs watering when the first inch of solid has completely dried out and can tolerate either direct or indirect sunlight.

    Growing a fiddle leaf fig is the closest that you’re likely to come to having a tree in your apartment and gives life to any room it is in. 

  5. Jade Plant

    The second South African on this list, the jade plant is great for even the least attentive gardener. Its thick stems and glossy red tinged leaves make it a beautiful addition to a miniature indoor garden.

    As a succulent, jades only need watering when the soil is completely dried out. The most common issue for the plant is caused by overwatering. 

Ingenious indoor planters

  1. Hanging planters

    If floor space is minimal don’t forget to look up! Hanging plants from the ceiling is the perfect blend of space saving and greenery at your eye-line. These little planters can turn your apartment into an abstract forest.

    The concept sounds more complicated than it actually is. Making your own starts with little more than a jar (or half an empty coconut shell) and a piece of string. 

  2. Magnetic tin can planter

    If the ceiling fills up simply move onto the front of your fridge! Small potted plants survive equally as well in tin cans and by attaching magnets to the back of them you can squeeze yet more plants into your home. 

  3. Indoor compost garden

    An indoor compost garden turns your home environment into an environmentalist’s paradise. Rather than throwing your leftover carrot tops or vegetable bulbs (e.g., onion and garlic) give them new life!

    You can design your mini compost garden out of an old drawer. Simply fill with soil and gravel before planting your ‘leftovers.’

No matter the size of the space you’re living in it is possible to bring nature and life into your home. Turning your home into your very own natural sanctuary takes a small amount of work, but who wouldn’t want to walk through the door into the Garden of Eden each night?


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