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Scientists: Many Forms of Anxiety And Depression Are A Result Of These Inflammatory Foods

Scientists: Many Forms of Anxiety And Depression Are A Result Of These Inflammatory Foods
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Scientists: Many Forms of Anxiety And Depression Are A Result Of These Inflammatory Foods

Recent research shows how inflammation can damage the brain’s blood barrier and possibly lead to health problems in the brain. This inflammation can then activate the brain’s immune cells, which triggers an inflammatory autoimmune response, causing the immune systems to attack your brain and nervous tissue. [1] 

This research goes on to show there is a higher rate of anxiety and depression in patients with autoimmune diseases than chronic degenerative conditions. Researchers believe that this is due directly to the effect of inflammatory cytokines on the central nervous system. [1] [2] 

How To Reduce Excessive Inflammation

There are certain steps that can be taken to prevent excessive inflammation and treat or prevent the anxiety or depression it causes.

Try drinking bone broth to provide your body with glutamine and other minerals that help repair a leaky gut.

An inflamed gut is a leaky gut. When inflamed, it becomes more porous and allows minerals, food proteins, metals and toxins to make their way into your bloodstream.

Fight Leaky Gut By Cutting Out These Foods


Certain foods have a high risk of causing leaky gut. One major offender is gluten. Wheat, rye, barley, and beer as well as some ancient grains all contain gluten, cause inflammation, and should be avoided.


Casein, the protein in dairy, has a similar amino acid sequence to gluten and causes the same reaction in your gut. If you want to avoid a leaky gut, avoid dairy.


The next most common food sensitivity problem comes from eggs, specifically the protein in egg whites. There is a protein in egg white called lysozyme that acts like a Trojan horse, bringing in hidden problems and allowing access to other peptides into our bloodstream.


Another problematic food group is the nightshades. These include tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and peppers. These foods contain alkaloids that can destroy the cells lining the digestive tract of some people, increasing the permeability like with the egg whites.

For the rest of the list and more about foods that cause inflammation, anxiety, and depression, follow the link to



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