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Introducing the ‘Weed Nuns’ and Their Faith in the Healing Powers of Cannabis

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Legalizing marijuana in the United States is a consistent debate. It’s recently seen an interesting development with a 2018 Gallup poll, however, in which it was revealed that 64% of American citizens support the legalizations. If you happen to be interested in the debate on cannabis use, try reading about these women who have dedicated much of their lives to the production of medical cannabis products. Even if your opinion on the legalization remains unchanged, these sisters make for a fascinating story! (1, 2)

Promotion Of Weed (CBD) For Healing


“Sisters of the Valley,” a United States based business located in Northern California farm country specializes in providing medical marijuana products as well as other spiritual and ceremonial items for purchase online. The women reside in a small California ranch house in which they grow their own cannabis plants and harvest from their own crops. The specific strains of cannabis that they grow are, according to these women, developed in order to remove THC which is the portion of weed that results in getting users high. The women say that they are able to do this while maintaining the healing properties within cannabis called cannabidiol (CBD). This ingredient is specifically targeted in the process of producing medical marijuana products  (2, 4)

According to their advertisements, the products the women sell are gifts from Mother Earth and their main goal is to bridge the gap between Mother Earth and the people suffering on this planet. Their products for sale include CBD salves and CBD infused oils, as well as sage smudge sticks, Palo Santo holy wood, and other interesting items. The women even claim on their website that they “prepare all of their products during moon cycles, inspired by ancient wisdom” (2, 3)

Beguine Revivalists

Now, it’s clear that these women make no claim to withhold any kind of modern religious affiliation. However, they seem to have developed their own specific way of living with rules to follow all within their own organization. According to the founder, Christine Meeusen, who most often goes by the name Sister Kate, “We’re against religion so we’re not a religion. We consider ourselves Beguine revivalists and we reach back to pre-Christian practices.” Each of the women is required to wear modest clothing and adopt modest habits. Their appearances strongly resemble that of a Catholic nun. (2, 5)


That being said, don’t allow their modest demeanor to fool you since these women have developed a highly successful business! According to Meeusen, their top-selling product, topical salves for achy joints, brings in approximately 3k per day! While these impressive sales might lead one to worry about the impact on the economy, Meeusen has stated that they are carefully accomplishing everything by the book. “We believe in paying taxes,” Meeusen said. “We believe quite frankly that America’s culture of starving the tax system is wrong, it’s morally wrong. Most of us have lived in other places where the tax system actually works.” Meeusen is of the opinion that the United States should adopt a form of ‘reasonable socialism.’ (2, 6)

By using just simple crockpots and coffee filters, these women have been successful in developing a thriving business by providing cannabis medical products for sale. Their processes are basic and time-consuming, and yet result in some high-demand products that U.S. citizens everywhere seem to want! So whether or not you think marijuana ought to be legalized, these “sisters” are apparently making the most of marijuana-friendly laws in California! (2)

Check out these amazing photos from Shaugn Crawford and John DuBois, pulling back the curtain and revealing the Sisters of the Valley:




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Abbey Ryan

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Abbey Ryan

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