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Jules Organic Hair Salon Review and Giveaway


I love doing reviews, especially local reviews on businesses that care enough about our planet and us humans to use organic products.  It reminds me that there is a community of individuals out there that truly value our planet and want to make a difference and Jules Hair Salon is no exception.  Now I don’t typically run to get my hair done or to get it colored for that matter, but this review was timely since I recently reviewed a Henna product that left my hair PURPLE!  Yup, that’s right, not all reviews go well so I was more than looking forward to meeting Jules at her salon.

What’s the Service?

Jules Organic Hair Salon

Jules Organic Hair Salon (813)385-1535 Land O’ Lakes, FL

Specializing in ‘the salon experience’ using only organic products including a full spectrum of professional Organic hair colors, precision dry cutting, and beautiful up-do’s for special events.


First Impressions

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When I walked into Jules Salon, which is located in her home I was more than pleasantly surprised.  The first thing I noticed was that there was NO smell, really NO smell not even a hint.  I could breathe easy knowing that for at least the next hour I wouldn’t be bombarded with toxic odors.

If truth be told I have always disliked going into salons.  I can remember going in to get my first haircut and the smell was overwhelming.  Not a pleasant experience.  I couldn’t imagine people choosing to work in that environment, and that is exactly why Jules made a conscious decision to detoxify her world and only use non-toxic organic products on her clients.

I found the Salon to be quaint and, as Jules puts it, a place where “the only aroma is the smell of gluten free cookies and the herbal teas we offer you!” Jules made a great effort to ensure that I was comfortable and felt welcome.  I was offered organic and gluten free snacks as well as organic wine.  I would say that this experience was off to a great start!

What was my experience?

Jules Organic Salon My objective at Jules Salon was to have them fix my botched Henna dye and to trim my hair in a similar style to what I walked in with, the only difference being that I wanted it to lay better and be easier to manage.

Right off the bat I felt very comfortable and welcome.  Jules, the Salon owner, is a very inviting and warm person and she likes to create a pleasant, comfortable and warm space.  She started out explaining that she uses a dry cutting technique that allows for a precision cut.    She took her time and checked periodically to see that the hair was lying just right.

Once Jules was satisfied with the cut it was time for coloring.  She slipped into the back mixed a few colors together and then lathered me right up.  When she was done she directed me to the dryer, which she has placed right over a comfortable chair with an ottoman and the air conditioning blowing right over you so no more feeling like you are being cooked. I actually felt like I could take a nap.

Jules rinsed my hair and blew it dry in a matter of minutes. Right away I liked the way the cut felt and the color was a perfect match to my natural hair color.  Jules did a spectacular job.

I am not exaggerating when I say that overall the experience was fantastic.  And Jules technical abilities are right up there with the best of them.   Her goal is to make you feel like you are the center of the universe while you are with her and for her to provide you with whatever experience you desire at that moment and I think she does just that.


Who is behind the service?

Jules Phariss is the person with the vision.  She had the courage, passion and ambition to create an alternative for those of us who want a salon experience without the toxins.  She is a unique individual whose main driving force is the desire for artistic expression and to provide a positive energy to people around her, hence the creation of Jules Organic Hair Salon.  Having 30 years in the industry rounds out Jules talents and provides for a superior salon experience.

Why is Jules Hair Salon choosing to be Green or Organic?

In 2002 Jules got sick and was diagnosed with Systemic Reflux among other things.  She realized that she had to make her health a priority and make lifestyle changes that supported the healing of her body.   That commitment included limiting her work hours and exposure to toxins but it wasn’t until 2005 that she made the conscious decision to use only organic and non-toxic ingredients.   She initially rented space in a Barber Shop because it was the only ‘salon’ that did not use chemicals.  Using space in a Barber Shop had inherent limitation i.e. it was a Barber Shop after all, so she eventually made the move to another salon that supported the idea of going all organic.   Using her knowledge and experience she helped transition that salon to an ‘all organic’ salon.  Finally, Jules decided to open a salon at her residence giving her the freedom to be as Green and Organic as she sees fit, which to her means 100%.    Today Jules health has returned and she is flying high.

How does Mother Earth feel about this service?

Mother Earth is doing back flips over Jules.  Jules not only uses 100% non-toxic ingredients on her clients she also keeps all organic and gluten free snacks for her customers as well as cleaning her salon with only non-toxic cleaning supplies most of which she makes herself.  Recycling is also a part of Jules commitments.  On a personal level she tries to limit her footprint on our planet by recycling as well as composting and purchasing local goods.  Mother Nature is pretty happy with her right now.

How does this service impact my wallet?


Jules prices are comparable to mainstream salons and may even be a bit cheaper.  A haircut runs $35.00 and coloring is $47.00.

Would I recommend this service to a friend?

Absolutely without hesitation.  Jules not only gave me one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had she also gave me, hands down, the best hair salon experience!  If you don’t live in Land O’ Lakes it is well worth the drive!

Bottom Line:

five stars

5 Stars.  Jules provides you with more than a haircut or hair treatment.  As she puts it, “I want my clients to leave glowing from the inside out” and that is exactly how you feel!

Jules Organic Hair Salon 

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