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Top 3 Kombucha Health Benefits

Top 3 Kombucha Health Benefits
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Kombucha Picture Source StupidEasyPaleo.com)

Have you checked out Kombucha health benefits yet? Seems lately everyone is talking about it.  Kombucha this, Kombucha that, it’s everywhere.   Me, I’ve known about Kombucha for over 20 years although I haven’t been a coinsurer.  I remember the first time I ever saw Kombucha I was visiting some friend who had big batches of Kombucha all over their house and I remember my first thought, ugh gross.  Flash forward 20 years and I am all about the Kombucha.  Matter of fact my sister called me the other day all excited, she had an extra scoby (where to buy) and she was on her way over to hook me up. 

The New Kombucha Phenomenon

Kombucha has a fast growing reputation here in the USA, although it has actually been around in China and Russia for over 2000 years; in fact the oldest written records found to date, track it back to 212 BC!

Like any new health-food, it’s being attributed with almost miracle-like cures which might not be true but certainly it is some powerful stuff.   So, what is Kambucha?

The Origins of Kombucha

In some circles Kombucha is also called Kombucha mushroom, but it’s not actually any sort of plant at all. Kombucha is a wholly natural product that comes about through fermentation, the same process that’s used to make beer, including root beer. In fact Kombucha tea does contain small amounts of alcohol (typically less than 1%, as opposed to say 4 or 5% in beer). A lot of people are now brewing their own, so the amount of alcohol will vary depending on the proportion of ingredients they put in, and when they interrupt the fermentation process. For lazy people like me however, thank goodness it can be bought ready-made and wholly organic to supplement my home brew!

The Known Proven Kombucha Health Benefits

Kombucha tea is said to be able to cure, fight and prevent cancer. In all truth the jury is still out on this, and because it’s not a product that will benefit the rich pharmaceutical manufacturing giants, it won’t likely get the money for the research. So let’s just look at the Kombucha health benefits that we do know and can prove:

Kombucha Health Benefits #1

Improves Digestion and Immunity. Kombucha is a natural probiotic. Probiotics are good natural bacteria that live in our digestive tracts. There are actually over 400 varieties of the little devils. They help to reduce the growth of any harmful bacteria thus facilitating a healthy digestive system and enhancing our immune system.

Kombucha Health Benefits #2

Improves Joint Function Kombucha is rich in glucosamines which helps preserve cartilage structure and prevent joint degeneration. Glucosamines increase hyaluronic acid production within the joint which binds moisture thousands of times its weight in the joint cavity. This provides the joint with structure, moisture, lubrication and flexibility while protecting against free radical damage (source).

Kombucha Health Benefits #3

It’s an Effective Natural, De-toxing Agent. Detoxing periodically is necessary to rid your body of harmful toxins. The detox process necessitates consuming only natural, unprocessed foods and drinks, while the toxins are being washed out of our systems. Kombucha tea is essentially a product of natural origins, but more than that, it has a high concentration of many enzymes and bacterial acids that assist the detox process. This in turn supports both your pancreas and your liver by lessening the amount of work they have to do.

These are more than good enough reasons to make anyone want to drink it – especially those looking to improve gut health which we are finding is linked to so many health issues from allergies to mental health.

Do it Yourself Kombucha Tea

As already mentioned above, many people are now making their own Kombucha tea. You can buy a starter pack from an online supplier and simply start brewing. Once you’ve created your first batch, you can reuse the scoby over and over again.

I’m not going to go into details of how to make it here, apart from the fact that you need tea leaves – I would advocate green tea because it’s such a rich source of anti-oxidants. You’ll also need some sugar, some water and a starter scoby, and you’re on your way. It’s not as difficult to make as you may think, and if you like the idea of always having some Kombucha tea in the house (or wherever), it’s an economical way of going about it.  If you want to make your own at home stop by my friend’s site, Stupid Easy Paleo where she gives you the low down on everything you need to know about making Kombucha as well as more Kombucha Health Benefits.

The Natural Ingredients of Kombucha

Whereas as we cannot be sure about the veracity of some of the Kombucha health benefits that are being bandied around, we do know what a typical batch contains ingredients-wise:

  • Acetic Acid, Amino Acids, Carbonic Acid, Folic Acid, Glucuronic Acid, Lactic Acid, Usnic Acid, Vitamins B1, B2. B3 B6; B12 and Vitamin C 

The Known Benefits of Kombucha’s Natural Ingredients

What can be said without fear of contradiction is that the health benefits of the above list of ingredients are well known and well documented. For example:

Acetic Acid is used in medications to treat ear infections, bacterial vaginitis, plantar warts and impetigo. Amino acids assist with many things from building muscle tissue and controlling our moods. Carbonic acid helps to fight and kill bad bacteria. Folic acid is essential for the production of hemoglobin. Glucuronic Acid is a powerful detoxifier. Lactic Acid helps to restore the balance of probiotic bacteria in your digestive system, and Usnic Acid contains antiviral properties. On top of all this, there are also the numerous vitamins shown above, the health benefits of which are already well documented.

Kombucha Tea should be in your Holistic Health Larder

There can be no doubting that Kombucha tea helps to promote holistic health. In addition, the impressive range of ingredients that it contains, and their associated known health benefits, suggest that it may well help to ward off and combat many other diseases and conditions too. 

Try it, it you might be surprised at how refreshing it is and well, the benefits speak for themselves.

Want to make your own Kombucha Tea? This is where I get all my Kombucha supplies

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