Once You Learn This You Will Never Throw Out The Avocado Pit Again

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By Emilyn Gil 

Avocados are all the rage these days. They will be found in countless recipes and Instagram #foodie posts. And for good reason! These creamy green fruits are an amazing source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and healthy fats. And not to mention they are delicious. (1)

And yet, even with all these incredible benefits, what you don’t know is that this whole time you’ve been throwing away the most nutritious part. The pit! That’s right! Avocado pits have a lot to bring to the table as well, and once you learn all they have to offer you will never throw these out again.

7 Awesome Advantages Of Avocado Pits

Take a look at these 7 benefits of the avocado pit and you’ll be sure to keep them around

1. Antioxidant

Avocado pits are a powerful antioxidant, just like the avocado fruit itself. Antioxidants can help with cardiovascular health such as lowering high cholesterol levels and preventing heart disease. Don’t miss out on these antioxidant benefits by throwing away the pit! (2)

2. Anti-inflammatory

Avocado pits have shown to have anti-inflammatory qualities. This can be helpful especially when easing swelling in the gastrointestinal tract. (3)

3. Diarrhea Prevention

Spending more time than you’d like in the bathroom? Avocado pits are useful in settling your insides and so preventing or relieving diarrhea. (4)

4. Ulcer Soothing

Avocado pits have also proven to have anti-ulcer effects. This can be extremely helpful in preventing ulcers within the lining of the digestive system. (5)

5. Protection Against Tumors

Avocado pits contain biscatechin, which is a condensed flavanol. In one study, this biscatechin found in avocado pits showed antimicrobial activity and antitumor effects on mice and rats. (6)

6. Maintaining Youthfulness 

Avocado pits can help get rid of free radicals that you receive every day from the environment. These free radicals are part of what causes illness and aging. Keeping your body clean of these as much as possible can help your skin, bones, and body remain as youthful as possible. And speaking of youthfulness, the polyphenols contained in avocado pits even showed to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. (2)

7. Weight Loss

One of the most common reasons for weight gain is overeating. Avocado pits can enhance your satiety, helping you feel fuller for a longer period of time. This increased satiety can help curb your appetite and ultimately assist in your weight loss goals! (7)

How Do I Eat An Avocado Pit?

As excited as you may be to tap into these incredible benefits, I wouldn’t recommend biting straight into an avocado pit – and your dentist probably wouldn’t either!

The best way to eat avocado pits is to place the pit in a plastic bag and crush it with a meat mallet or hammer. After the pit is broken into smaller pieces you can put it into a blender or coffee grinder until it becomes a fine powder.

This way you can add the avocado pit as a garnish to your meals and add it to soups or smoothies. Bon appetit!


Avocados definitely live up to all the health-food hype, but don’t miss out on the amazing benefits hidden in the pit! Make sure to tap into the full power of the avocado by eating the avocado pit along with your healthy meals! 

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