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Limes Save Lives One Disease At a Time

lime cure
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lime cureIt’s always amazing to me to think about how society lived before the days of the medical system. Modern mentality insists that the way we live now is better than the days of yonder, but more and more I can’t help but question if that is really the case.

Take for example the humble lime. Today we use it for key lime pie and the occasional garnish on our favorite mixed cocktail.

Did you know that this classic citrus fruit was once used to cure some of the most powerful diseases in the day?

We probably all know the obvious scurvy stories of sailors traveling the high seas and feeding themselves limes over the course of many months to prevent the vitamin C deficiency disease.

But what else can the almighty lime do that we have so quickly forgotten in the age of modern medicine?

Check out this list of disease and disorders which we so quickly medicate that could very well be prevented with this small green citrus fruit.

Diabetes Prevention:

According to the American Diabetes Association, the lime is considered one of the most powerful foods in the fight against diabetes because of its high soluble fiber and low glycemic index.

Heart Disease:

The same fat soluble fiber found in limes which can help in the prevention of diabetes has also been shown to lower blood pressure and eliminate bad cholesterol from blood vessels. It is also shown effective in reducing the inflammation in arteries and blood vessels, minimizing the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Respiratory Disorders:

Did you know that a flavonoid rich oil found in limes is extracted to be used in many of the popular anti-congestive medicine in pharmacies across the country? Why not go straight to the source!

Just scratching the surface of a lime peel and inhaling can improve air intake and also provide immediate relief from nausea.


Citrus fruits have natural fever reducing properties and lime juice was once the biggest remedy for high body temperature. Vitamin C, found in high quantities in limes, can naturally lower the temperature of a patient struggling with a fever.


Lime juice is a powerful antiseptic and can kill many strains of bad bacteria on contact. To this day, many less developed countries treat dirty water with lime juice as a remedy against deadly cholera outbreaks.

Gum Disease:

The root cause of gum disease can be a Vitamin C deficiency, but often is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the spaces between teeth. The flavonoids in limes can not only inhibit microbial growth in the mouth, but help heal the ulcers which can develop in consequence.


Aside from these lifestyle changes, there are sources apart from pharmaceuticals which can help ease the pain of arthritis. One of the leading causes for this joint inflammation is an excess of uric acid in the body. Limes are high in citric acid which can cut through the crystallization of uric acid deposits.

Not only does the lime have amazing health potential, it can be used for an effective and all natural cleaning product. Find out how to make your own here!


21 Impressive Health Benefits of Lime


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