Man Adopts 45 Dogs And Sets Them Free On His Four Acres Of Land

Man Adopts 45 Dogs And Sets Them Free On His Four Acres Of Land
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Man Takes “Adopt Before You Shop” To A Whole New Level

Most animal shelters these days have decent, clean living conditions for the inhabitants inside. Animals who are put inside a shelter are given a bed, are well fed and in general, are taken care of by professionals that enjoy caring for others. Shelters provide an important function in our society where they put a reliable roof over the head of lost and unwanted animals that are in need. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a shelter can be a magical place for an animal that has never known what it feels like to be taken care of.

But an animal shelter is not a perfect or ideal place for an animal to spend the rest of their life. Often times, animals are held in small pens or cages where they are unable to move freely. Dogs are usually kept locked behind cages where their only field of view is usually three walls and whoever happens to walk past them.

It can be a lonely experience for the animals involved. Dogs are especially social creatures and love the companionship of each other and other humans. Most shelters will allow people to volunteer and walk their dogs for them, which helps give the animals some much-needed interaction and affection. But it is not enough. A few minutes of freedom with a loving human can be great and make the dog’s entire day, but at the end of the walk, the dog still has to return to its cage where it ends up alone for the rest of the day.

Many animal shelters are filled with the sounds of crying animals who just want to go home and be loved. It can be a depressing place to be and due to overpopulation for dogs, most shelters are constantly full.

From Shelter To 45 Acres Of Freedom & Love

Enter Mark Starmer. Mark is a Canadian native who resides in British Columbia. He realized that the dogs at his shelter deserved a better place and life. He realized that he had the means to make their world better and so he made it his personal mission to ensure that they would get just that.

Mark went to his shelter and adopted a staggering forty-five dogs. That is right, you read that correctly: Mark adopted forty-five animals that were in need. Among the dogs was a grey wolf too. He adopted dogs of all genders, shapes, sizes, color, and breeds. It didn’t matter what kind of dog it was, if it was an animal in need then he brought them home.

Having that many animals must mean his entire house is constantly crowded though, right? Wrong! Mark is fortunate enough to own a sizeable piece of land, perfect for catering to all of his new dogs! With four acres, in total, Mark was able to build a decent fence around his entire property so that the dogs would have complete freedom to roam wherever they want to.

The dogs seem to be the happiest little creatures on Earth! Look at how they scramble to explore their new home. It’s heartwarming that someone has the means to give the animals a better life and then did it. Mark has said that caring for the dogs is hard work, but he does it out of love. The dogs enjoy their new lives, being able to socialize with each other and Mark and his family.

After being locked up in shelters, this new life must be heaven for all of these dogs. Such a wonderful story!


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