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Man Spends $11 Million He’d Saved For Daughter’s Wedding To Build 90 Homes For The Homeless

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If you happened to be one of the richest people in the country, how would you want to spend your fortune? In 2016, Ajay Munot – one of the richest people in India – chose to spend a bit of his fortune on giving back to society. The real kicker is that he chose to do this instead of direct the $11 million to his daughter’s wedding as he originally planned. (1)

Building Homes To Give Back To Society

Though $11 million may sound like a lot, for Munot it really wasn’t a big dip into his riches. He directed the money to fund the construction of 90 homes for the homeless. The homes were built apartment style, each one approximately 12 x 20 with two windows each. A fairly simple design, but definitely enough to provide a roof, warmth, and some well-needed peace for families in need. (2)

Munot’s actions helped a number of families who were very grateful for his generous efforts. He never made it clear why he changed his mind to help the homeless instead of fund his daughter’s wedding, but this charitable motion doesn’t need an explanation, especially considering his daughter’s response to it.

How Did This Impact the Wedding?

You may be wondering if the move Munot made upset his daughter. The answer is, not at all! In fact, Munot’s daughter, Shreya Munot, strongly supported to motion and even spent her wedding day celebrating the achievement. They were able to open the homes for the families and personally hand each family the key to their brand new home on the day of the wedding. (1)

The bride and groom were still able to enjoy a beautiful ceremony without the $11 million and had a wedding that they will never forget. They were happy to be able to celebrate the big day with so many other families.

A Beautiful Lesson for Everyone

By helping improve the lives of 200 people, Munot was able to teach his community and those touched by this story a beautiful lesson. Even though weddings can be large events of pomp and circumstance, they definitely aren’t everything. Sharing their special day through the act of giving is most likely way more memorable and precious than additional wedding touches. (1)

You don’t even need a big event to reach out to others around you. Even if you don’t have millions of dollars to give, there are plenty of ways you can give back to society. There are always people in need and things you can do to make someone’s day better or even special.

Make a meal for that couple who just had a baby. Help your neighbor rake the leaves in their yard. Offer to take your grandma’s little dog for a walk. Volunteer some time to feed the homeless. Write some nice cards for the elderly in the nearby retirement home. Provide a listening ear for a friend who’s going through a tough time. Do some secret acts of kindness for people in public. The list of ideas for how to reach out to others and give back to society could go on and on. As you go about your day, search for opportunities to give back. Helping others is always worth the effort and truly can make a big difference in the lives of those around you as well as your own.

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