Today it is my intention to manifest MONEY

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“The fear that exists between nations is a macrocosm of the fear that exists between individuals.  The perception of power as external that separates nations is the same that exists between individuals; and the love, clarity and compassion that emerges within the individual that chooses consciously to align itself with its soul is the same that will bring the sexes, races, nations and neighbors into harmony with each other.  Though each human being is responsible for the quality of Life that he or she personally experiences, simultaneously that extends into the macrocosm.”

Today it is my intention to manifest MONEY

That’s right MONEY we cannot live on love alone, or maybe we can but that is for another day right now today is about opening my mind and feelings to inviting money into my life.

“The Universe doesn’t know the difference between a small request and a large request”” It’s all the same to the Universe so there is no difference between you asking for $1.00 or a $1,000,000!

So take 3 minutes and feel what it would be like to have all the money you could possibly imagine, think about how good it would feel to be able to give to others and share in your unlimited supply of resources.  Think about how good it would feel to be able to buy whatever you wanted and travel wherever you wanted! Get excited, feel all the possibilities that come with abundance and wealth! Kind of makes you smile doesn’t it?

(UMM……use the image above if you need a little help visualizing or if you prefer just picture yourself rolling around in a huge pile of money)

Any other readers out there that feel the desire to manifest money today jump on board I hear group requests are moved to the front of the line!

By consciously choosing to create balance within your mind, your body and your spirit and by following your passion you have the opportunity to create optimum health and wealth. We are only limited by the tools we choose to use, our vision and our belief system.  Learn more about one of the ways to apply your passion to gain wealth by reading my Holistic Wealth Page.

You have all probably heard about the movie The Secret  and you have probably had enough interest to consider buying it but just haven’t gotten around to it.  If their is only one thing you do for yourself this year you need to watch THE SECRET!

It will change your life it did mine!  Read The Power of the Secret.

Take the conscious road to authentic power!!!

Have a wonderful DAY!

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